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A small look into expenses claimed by Plaid Cymru Senedd Members...
at 16:26 6 Jun 2021

First, let's remember Plaid Cymru's party motto...

"Plaid Cymru is working towards creating an equal nation and a nation of equals. Are you with us?"

Rhun ap Iorwerth
£744 on ergonomic office chairs, £299,99 on a cordless Dyson vacuum, £78 on coloured pencils amongst other things (including a second home). Total claimed - £175,071.

Dafydd Elis-Thomas
£535.50 and £382.50 on "family travel", £108.98 for a Sat-Nav, £619 for an iPad Pro, £50 for an iPad Pro case, £35 for a dictionary, £4 for a dustpan and brush, further claims for batteries, £885 for a laptop amongst other things (including a second home). Total claimed - £151,775

Sian Gwenllian
£540 to translate a report, £604 for chairs, a second home within walking distance of the Senedd, TWO separate offices in her constituency. Total claimed - £138,726

Llyr Gruffydd
£542 on a gazebo, return flights to Geneva for a University trip, newspapers, media subscriptions, £399 on a paper folding machine, newspaper adverts, and tickets to agricultural shows. Total claimed - £138,726.

Elin Jones
£3,112 on sending a report via Royal Mail, plus £1,722 to print that report. Has she not heard of e-mail? Two wall clocks and a coat stand for £56.35, £692 for office furniture, posting a different report at the cost of £2,833, £345 for somebody to set up her computer and other home working equipment.

There's countless more examples of truly incredible waste and extravagance from Plaid Cymru Senedd Members.

However, my favourite is how Adam Price spent £3,097 (THREE THOUSAND AND NINETY SEVEN POUNDS) one a one-way flight from Palm Springs, California, to London. He said he did this because he, as a Senedd Member, had the power to "shame" Boris Johnson. Yes you read that correctly. He spent £3,097 on a one way flight from California to return to London and "shame" Boris Johnson.

I would like to credit Swansea East's Mike Hedges who looks to be one of few who didn't take advantage of Welsh tax payers. Mike Hedges spent just £29 on a vacuum cleaner for example, not £299 on a Dyson like a Plaid Cymru Senedd Member did.

Mogadishu or Brixton?
at 23:34 3 Jun 2021

Zero Covid deaths for England, Scotland and NI. Four in Wales.
at 21:35 10 May 2021

Zero coronavirus deaths have been announced in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Monday.

Wales recorded four deaths.

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In | Official Trailer
at 15:35 5 May 2021

It looks like a very well made film for all football fans to enjoy.
On this day in 1979...
at 14:05 4 May 2021

On this day in 1979, Margaret Thatcher led the Conservative Party to victory, defeating the Labour Party to become Prime Minister. She would serve the nation for 11 years.

Robert Page to take charge of Wales at Euro 2020
at 18:31 23 Apr 2021



Why do fans of Wales' national team have so little pride for their country?
at 17:53 18 Apr 2021

I discovered earlier today that over 50% of Wales' players who featured in their most recent match against Czech Republic were not born in Wales.

Seven of the thirteen (54.8%) players were born in England. Not only that - these English footballers are limited in their talent and ability. England could put perhaps 20+ matchday squads together before some of these players would finally be considered for selection.

I read and hear a lot of non-Welsh football fans ridicule Wales as "England B", however quite frankly it is more like "England T" or "England U".

How many other international teams are this desperate? Perhaps Jamaica? Even the Scot's aren't this desperate (although their best player is English as well).

As someone who follows and supports both England and Wales, it doesn't really bother me. However I'd be interested to hear the opinions of those who regularly express a strong dislike of England. How can you justify your dislike of England when your national team (and club side) is dominated by English footballers?
Prophet Muhammad cartoon sparks school protest - teacher suspended
at 17:06 25 Mar 2021

A teacher has been suspended after allegedly showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad during a religious education lesson exploring blasphemy.

Dozens of furious Muslim parents protested outside the historic Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire today, which had to delay its opening and told pupils to stay at home amid chaotic scenes at the gates. The protesters had been demanding the resignation of the teacher. Muslims make up 41 per cent of the population in Batley, a historic market and mill town in the Kirkless region

Headteacher Gary Kibble 'sincerely apologised for the great offence to the community'. Today's protest comes five months after history teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded on the street near his school in a Paris suburb by an Islamic extremist last October after showing Prophet Muhammad cartoons to his students.

Reacting to the images being shown, Mohammad Salad Hussain, founder of the Batley-based Muslim charity Purpose of Life, said: "'We feel like he's (the teacher) hiding away and that's not good enough, he needs to show his face. A lot of us have questions for him about how this ever happened in the first place, something clearly went very wrong."

"Officers were guarding all school entrances".

How very sad - let's hope our fantastic intelligence agencies are able to prevent any abhorrent retaliations like we saw in France against Samuel Paty.


[Post edited 25 Mar 17:07]
Meghan Markle admits to lying during the Oprah interview
at 14:41 23 Mar 2021

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have admitted they did not get married three days before the Royal wedding after an official certificate blew their claim apart.

In the interview with Oprah, Meghan said: 'You know, three days before our wedding, we got married. No one knows that.' But the claim was blown apart yesterday after the General Register Office revealed the couple's wedding certificate for the first time. It proved they did get married on May 19, 2018 in the lavish ceremony at Windsor Castle after all. A spokesman for Harry and Meghan has now confirmed to the Sun their ceremony three days before their wedding was not a marriage.

It's incredible how she was able to lie to tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of people in that interview. It makes one wonder what else did she lie about during that interview? What a vile woman she really is.

Oxford University President Forced To Step Down Amid Racism Controversy
at 20:05 20 Mar 2021

The first Indian female president of Oxford University's students' union has said she was subjected to a racist 'cyber lynching' before she was forced to resign.

She told the Indian Express: 'There was a conscious attempt made to unearth posts made by me...It was only after I won that they were brought up.' She claimed she had been a victim of a 'cancel culture mob' fuelled by 'anti-Hindu prejudice'.

In one post, she had captioned a photo of herself in Malaysia with the words 'Ching Chang'.

She was also accused of being 'insensitive' to Jews after posting a photo at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial, saying: 'The memorial *CASTS* a *HOLLOW* dream of the past atrocities.' When told her actions were perceived as insensitive, she replied: 'I don't agree with you there.'

Ironically she ran on a campaign promising to "shine a light on racial injustices for members of the BAME community". Once, again, it appears Jews don't count? I suspect Rashmi would have been parachuted into a Labour safe seat upon graduation had she held British citizenship.

[Post edited 20 Mar 20:07]
Is this the UK's "Rosa Parks" moment?
at 16:36 19 Mar 2021

A Labour Party activist who was kicked off a train for fare dodging before hurling abuse at a station guard said the arrest was her 'Rosa Parks moment', a court heard.

Anyannah Ndukwe, 56, was spotted tailgating another commuter through ticket barriers at Oxford Road train station in Manchester in July 2019.

The activist was stopped by Northern Rail official Steven MacDonald, who asked the woman if she had a valid ticket.

Ndukwe responded: 'Are you taking the f***ing p***,' before telling him 'You are a f***ing d***head' and walking away, Bolton Magistrates' Court heard.

She then boarded the train, which was consequently delayed by an hour while British Transport Police were called to escort Ndukwe away from the scene.

She stated to the court: ''The train I was catching was leaving at 3.25pm and I was in a hurry to catch that train. I felt violated like Rosa Parks and I felt I was re-enacting that moment. I guess I was staring racism in the face. People asked what had happened on the train. Two passengers felt uncomfortable with what they were watching.'

Labour's candidate for the upcoming Hartlepool by-election
at 02:21 19 Mar 2021

Sol Campbell blames racist supporters for him not being offered the Arsenal job
at 15:32 15 Mar 2021

Sol Campbell claims football fans need to ditch their 'archaic' attitudes to non-white managers… insisting he's one of many talented bosses missing out on jobs at the biggest clubs.

"It takes time, but for me I want it to start now. It's hard for me because I've got all my badges, I've played for some of the best teams and played with the best players, but I can't manage some of the best teams in the world

Obviously the fans have got to realise that regardless of where you're from or what colour, you should be open to someone who has got the qualifications and maybe is not your favourite... but at least allow him to have a chance."


List of words now banned by Manchester University (Mother, Father, Husband,Wife)
at 20:56 11 Mar 2021

Here are some that I found to be notable:

Mother, Father, Him, Her, Husband, Wife, Brother, Sister plus many more.

"The guide begins with a fatwa against age, saying that it should not be brought up unless strictly relevant, and even then only objective terms can be used. So the words ‘elderly’, ‘OAPs’, ‘pensioners’, ‘youngsters’, and ‘mature workforce’ are now banned, to be replaced by ‘over-65s, 75s and so on’.

When it comes to illness and disability, for some reason using the word ‘diabetic’ is no longer allowed and staff are instead encouraged to use language that focuses on people’s ‘abilities, rather than limitations’. In the eyes of Manchester University, someone is no longer ‘suffering from cancer’ but are a person ‘living with cancer’. Similarly, the university no longer says that someone is a ‘victim of dementia’ – presumably because dementia is something to be appreciated in the eyes of the inclusivity team."


View the full list here if you're brave enough.
Andre Ayew Blames "Tired Legs" for Poor Performances
at 17:28 6 Mar 2021

Andre Ayew Blames "Tired Legs" for Poor Performances, and further stated that Middlesbrough had "fresher legs" due to their manager's rotation.

Considering Cooper said midweek that the players "need to put fatigue to the side until the end of the season" and that "you can still put in good performances with fatigue" - that sounds like a deliberate dig at Cooper to me.

"Steve Cooper tells Swansea City's players to put fatigue to one side..&quo
at 17:19 1 Mar 2021

From the article:

Cooper has brushed off questions about whether his team is tired.

"It doesn't matter," he said.

"It doesn't matter if they are (tired) or they are not - it's the season and the schedule we are in.

"Even if they are, it doesn't mean you can't play well and win, so it's irrelevant really whether they are or they aren't."


I'd like to see the reactions of some of the players after reading that.


[Post edited 1 Mar 17:28]
President Donald Trump Acquitted (again)
at 22:27 13 Feb 2021

Notorious Racist Priyamvada Gopal Has Urges to Kneecap White Men
at 17:50 29 Jun 2020

Truly awful.
Cambridge University Defends (then promotes) Racist Member of Staff
at 13:27 25 Jun 2020

A university has appeared to defend one of its professors after a petition was launched against her for saying "white lives don't matter".

Gopal tweeted: “I’ll say it again. White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives”, followed by “Abolish whiteness" in a later tweet.

Without referencing the professor directly, the university tweeted: “The University defends the right of its academics to express their own lawful opinions which others might find controversial and deplores in the strongest terms abuse and personal attacks.

"These attacks are totally unacceptable and must cease”.

Dr Priyamvada Gopal, a professor in colonial and postcolonial literature at Cambridge University, has faced a stream of abuse after posting a series of tweets on Tuesday.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan
at 20:23 10 Jun 2020

London mayor Sadiq Khan promised today that he will begin the process of pulling down ‘inappropriate’ statues around London – after Bristolians dumped the statue of slave trader Edward Colston in the river at the weekend.

To investigate London’s landmarks, Khan has created a ‘Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm’ which will review statues and street names in the capital to make sure they reflect the diversity of its people. Khan said he expected the commission to find that it’s ‘not appropriate to be memorialising, or to be celebrating’ certain figures, especially those with a racist past and links to the slave trade.

In 2018, he proudly unveiled a statue of the suffragist Millicent Fawcett – the first-ever statue in Parliament Square of a woman. At the time, Khan declared that ‘from the very first week of my Mayoralty, I supported Caroline Criado Perez’s campaign to put up a statue of a woman in Parliament Square, and I’m so proud that the day of its unveiling is now upon us.’

But while Fawcett is mostly celebrated today for the campaign for women’s suffrage, less well-known is her ardent support of the British Empire. Fawcett was such a fan of Empire, that in 1901 she was commissioned by the government to lead an investigation into British concentration camps in South Africa during the second Boer war, after high mortality rates and appalling conditions were reported there.

When she arrived, Fawcett thought the camps were deeply necessary for the war, and her eventual report said the commission had a ‘generally favourable’ view of them. She also suggested that many of the deaths were caused by the ‘unsanitary habits’ of the Boers. Around 28,000 Boers died in the camps.

Fawcett didn’t have much thought for the participation of Black Africans in society after the war either. In 1899, she wrote that after the settlement of the war;
‘I hope we are too deeply pledged to the principle of equal privileges for all white races to abandon it.’


Do you think Sadiq will include his pet project in the list of 'inappropriate' statues he intends to tear down? It begs the question as to whether he is engaging with this exercise simply to boost his personal popularity, considering he proudly unveiled such a statue himself less than two years ago.

The man is a colossal hypocrite.
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