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Congratulations, President Biden!
at 14:09 6 Nov 2020

How you doing on the old site, boys? Just thought I'd drop in and congratulate the new president!

Adrian Forbes interview
at 11:17 27 Jun 2020

If you've received the club e-mail with the electronic matchday programme attached, I recommend you watch the interview with Adrian Forbes.
Always one of my favourite players, this interview is lovely. Brought a tear to my eye.
Visit the northern Costa Blanca!
at 15:14 2 Jun 2020

Nothing political in this post from me, my friends, just a recommendation to come to the northern Costa Blanca for your hols when regulations allow, it's fab around here. Forget your Torremolinos, Torrevieja and Benidorm, head here instead for the true Spanish beach holiday experience.
Check out Javea, Denia, Oliva. Fantastic beaches, lovely bars and restaurants.
Me, the missus and two friends have just been to lunch at a family restaurant a couple of hundred metres back from the beach between Oliva and Denia called Chiringuita de Pepe, a favourite of ours.
This is what I had - pre starter, big mixed salad with bread, starter Valencian paella, with pork rib pieces, butter beans, safron. Main course - oven baked quarter chicken portion in sauce with chips. Dessert - coffee flan and cream. Half bottle of red wine. Coffee americano and a glass of whisky equivalent to seven or eight british measures. Total cost 11.50 euros a head, about Β£10.
The thermometer is just touching 30C as I speak. Afternoon in the pool beckons.
Come and visit!
[Post edited 2 Jun 2020 15:16]
Non Prog Rockers Look Away Now
at 16:53 16 Mar 2020

In these troubled times, here's one to cheer up all the self isolating aging prog rockers like me. It's a performance recorded live in 2018 of the classic Yes track 'Heart of the Sunrise' by original band members Jon Anderson, Rick Wakeman and latecomer Trevor Rabin, ably assisted by bassist Lee Pomeroy and drummer Lou Molino. Please ignore the false cheering edited into the soundtrack by some arseh*le and focus on the fact that Anderson was 74 when this was recorded and still had the note perfect voice of an angel.

[Post edited 16 Mar 2020 17:02]
Walking football
at 08:55 13 Feb 2020

No, this isn't a thread about the Swans' current style of play!
Do any of you older guys play walking football regularly? For those who don't know, WF is a form of the beautiful game for older players who would find flat out running for an hour difficult but who still want to enjoy the skill and fun of footie.
I run the WF group for Oliva U3A (an expat organisation) here on the Costa Blanca. We play for an hour every Friday morning on an outdoor five a side pitch at the local sports centre. When we have the numbers, we can also play on a bigger artificial turf pitch next door. We have a hard core of about 12 guys but have had 16 or 17 turn up in the past. The players range from 50 to early 70s, mostly Brits but also Dutch, Argentinian and Romanian.
We'd only been going two months when we were invited down to Moraira to take part in an eight team tournament including two visiting UK teams, and ended up as losing finalists. I was the manager - watch out, Cooper.
So if anyone plays and wants to bring a touring team over, let me know.
[Post edited 13 Feb 2020 8:57]
The 'Boris' bridge from Scotland to N Ireland
at 15:51 10 Feb 2020

Is the PM a true transport visionary, or a self aggrandising Tory twΓ‘t full of hot air and bluster?

Opinions, please.
[Post edited 10 Feb 2020 15:51]
Steven Seagal
at 17:30 21 Jan 2020

I happened to comment on some internet forum the other day that when I was looking through the TV listings searching for something to watch and I saw the words 'Steven Seagal' next to a film, I automatically labelled it 'film for morons, do not watch'.
The amount of abuse I received was incredible. Good job I'd signed in as PikeyPaul as a security measure.

So what's the verdict, boys and girls? Any big Seagal fans on Planet Swans?
Storm Gloria
at 10:29 21 Jan 2020

It's not all winter sunshine and sangria here, guys. The east of Spain has just been hit by the worst storm for decades, Storm Gloria. Inland they've had several feet of snow, while here on the coast there were 8 metre waves crashing on shore and throwing around 5 tonne concrete blocks on the prom at Javea like they were kid's toys.
We've had torrential rain for 36 hours and winds gusting up to 60 km/hour. Brought down a huge pine tree in our road. Fair play to local council, they were out yesterday in the p*ssing rain to clear it with chainsaws.
Several people have died and the destruction of coastal businesses has to be seen to be believed. I pity anyone who arrived for a break in Benidorm this weekend!
The Labour Party
at 15:16 5 Jan 2020

I watched the Andrew Marr Show this morning from beginning to end and, as a lifelong Labour Party voter and supporter, I have to say I was moderately encouraged.
The election defeat was about as devastating a kicking as a political party can sustain but, and it's a big but, if the party has learned the lesson and has the good sense to choose Kier Starmer as leader, with maybe Jess Philips or Lisa Tandy as deputy, the next five years could be very interesting.
Dominic Raab did nothing to assuage my opinion that he's an incompetent idiot way out of his depth, and I think he's indicative of the general level of incompetence in Boris's cabinet. I think Starmer's clinical and incisive lawyer's mind will make mincemeat of the Eton windbag and his collection of disfunctional idiots. If they can clear out all vestiges of Corbynism and keep chipping away at Boris as the disaster of five years of unchecked extreme right wing Toryism unfolds, I see a promising future for Labour.
What do you think, chaps and chapesses? Always interested in particular in the balanced opinions of Kerouac, Jango and the Symonds Yat village idiot.
at 14:30 5 Jan 2020

Anyone watching it? Four episodes in, and it's been pretty good so far.

Was racking my brains trying to remember where I'd seen guest 'American' actress (actually Canadian) Carrie-Anne Moss before, then it clicked. Trinity in 'The Matrix'.
Fish and Chips in Moraira
at 11:56 16 Dec 2019

Hello chums, how are you doing? I'm just sitting down to lunch with the missus in the Fishy Fishy (British fish and chips) restaurant in Moraira. Weather's nice, hazy sunshine, no wind, 14C. We're having the monday madness special, fish chips mushy peas and bottle of nice crisp white wine for two for 17 euros. What's that, about Β£14 since Boris's magnificent victory. I loves Boris, me!
(I don't really, he's a cΓΊnt.)
Worst ever performance figures in NHS
at 18:11 14 Nov 2019

I've just heard that feckin' genius Joris Bonson say on the BBC news that the NHS performance figures aren't caused by Tory underfunding, but by the 'enormous demand being placed on the system'.

There you go then, that's OK. If you feckin obnoxious poor people would just stop getting ill, everything will be alright.

FFS. If the polls are right, and he is swept to power after the election, all I can say is, you Tory voters deserve everything you get. Good luck.
[Post edited 14 Nov 2019 18:11]
Reading 0-3
at 20:32 1 Oct 2019

and down to 10 men after half an hour at home to Fulham. Would you Adam and Eve it? Why couldn't they do that last Saturday?
Raab - what a snivelling little sh1t
at 08:46 3 Sep 2019

Being interviewed on BBC Breakfast now. Said great progress being made in EU negotiations, when asked what the details were, he blathered and prevaricated. Alan B'stard personified, even looks like him.
[Post edited 3 Sep 2019 8:47]
Just saw the extended highlights
at 07:50 26 Aug 2019

I know Birmingham are pretty sh*t, but my word we are playing some lovely one touch football, aren't we? It's almost back to the Swansealona days under Roberto and then Brendan. Absolutely fantastic to see. Keep it going, boys.
[Post edited 26 Aug 2019 7:51]
Socks McBurnie
at 17:22 1 Aug 2019

Just what exactly is the state of play? For an exiled jack far, far away.
Thank you please.
Alistair Campbell on BBC Breakfast this morning.
at 07:51 30 Jul 2019

Nail. Head. Hit.
Absolutely brilliant.
Tour de France
at 15:25 12 Jul 2019

No thread yet, boys and girls?

I thought Geraint looked very strong yesterday on the first proper mountain stage. The rest of Ineos looked a bit flakey, though, could be an issue later on.

Coverage on ITV4 is good as always, and the French tv live shots, high up over the scenery and down and dirty on the road, is as compulsive as usual.
Stunning concert
at 23:05 7 Jul 2019

Anyone see the Vienna Philharmonic summer concert on BBC4 tonight from the Schonbrunn Palace gardens? It featured drop dead gorgeous Chinese pianist Yuja Wang who gave a stunning performance soloing on Gershin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' whilst almost wearing a glittery cut out mini dress.
On of my all time favourite pieces of music, one of the world's best orchestras, stunning backdrop and a gorgeous, vastly talented young woman soloing. I was like a dog with two dicks.
Season tickets for the coming campaign
at 19:40 13 Jun 2019

Anyone know if last season's card will be re-used, or if new tickets will be issued? Anything announced yet?
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