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at 20:32 1 Oct 2019

and down to 10 men after half an hour at home to Fulham. Would you Adam and Eve it? Why couldn't they do that last Saturday?
Raab - what a snivelling little sh1t
at 08:46 3 Sep 2019

Being interviewed on BBC Breakfast now. Said great progress being made in EU negotiations, when asked what the details were, he blathered and prevaricated. Alan B'stard personified, even looks like him.
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Just saw the extended highlights
at 07:50 26 Aug 2019

I know Birmingham are pretty sh*t, but my word we are playing some lovely one touch football, aren't we? It's almost back to the Swansealona days under Roberto and then Brendan. Absolutely fantastic to see. Keep it going, boys.
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Socks McBurnie
at 17:22 1 Aug 2019

Just what exactly is the state of play? For an exiled jack far, far away.
Thank you please.
Alistair Campbell on BBC Breakfast this morning.
at 07:51 30 Jul 2019

Nail. Head. Hit.
Absolutely brilliant.
Tour de France
at 15:25 12 Jul 2019

No thread yet, boys and girls?

I thought Geraint looked very strong yesterday on the first proper mountain stage. The rest of Ineos looked a bit flakey, though, could be an issue later on.

Coverage on ITV4 is good as always, and the French tv live shots, high up over the scenery and down and dirty on the road, is as compulsive as usual.
Stunning concert
at 23:05 7 Jul 2019

Anyone see the Vienna Philharmonic summer concert on BBC4 tonight from the Schonbrunn Palace gardens? It featured drop dead gorgeous Chinese pianist Yuja Wang who gave a stunning performance soloing on Gershin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' whilst almost wearing a glittery cut out mini dress.
On of my all time favourite pieces of music, one of the world's best orchestras, stunning backdrop and a gorgeous, vastly talented young woman soloing. I was like a dog with two dicks.
Season tickets for the coming campaign
at 19:40 13 Jun 2019

Anyone know if last season's card will be re-used, or if new tickets will be issued? Anything announced yet?
The Rolling Stone 500
at 17:22 28 May 2019

For the music fans on here.
Being a man of leisure with a few shekels to spend, one of my recent projects has been to run through the Rolling Stone magazine '500 Greatest Albums of All Time' and draw up a list of the albums I'd like to acquire (in CD form).
I composed a list of 28. Some are albums I used to have on vinyl but which disappeared for one reason or another, but most are albums I only knew vaguely or didn't know at all. I've started buying 'em and being on a bit of a West Coast/ Tex Mex/ Country Fusion kick at the moment, have been blown away by Los Lobos (How Will the Wolf Survive?) and the Byrds (Sweetheart of the Rodeo).
Question for Loh, do you know the latter? I think you'd like it.
Note to Darren - there's one Cheap Trick album in the 500, Live at Budokan. No, it's not on my list!
The list was composed in 2012. What classics have come out since then which you'd recommend, bearing in mind I veer towards blues and rock?
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at 16:55 20 Apr 2019

Brilliant point for Brighton at Wolves this afternoon. Now we need the Scoucers to do the business tomorrow.
at 12:18 13 Apr 2019

Your intrepid correspondent is back in Napoli for the first time since that infamous match.
I'm in Pizzeria Pavia in the backstreets behind Piazza Plebicito, about to tuck in to an enormous pizza. Check out the restaurant on Trip Advisor, supposed to be the best in town and cheap as chips.

I love Europe. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Pikey.
Menu del Dia
at 16:34 20 Mar 2019

Thought I'd give you folks a snapshot of an everyday culinary tradition around here; it's one of the reasons I love living here - the Menu del Dia.

Everywhere you go, and probably all around Spain, the bars, cafes and restaurants do a cheap 'Menu del Dia' (menu of the day) at lunchtime. Lunch is the most important meal of the day, most workers be they high or low have a two hour lunchbreak, and they all pile into their local eating place for a good nosh.

Me and the misses went shopping to Gandia today, buying a football strip for my walking football team in Decathalon because we've been invited to take part in a tournament in Moreira in April.

Anyway, having successfully completed the mission and feeling a bit peckish on the way back, we stopped for lunch in a place new to us, a modest roadside restaurant 'El Trafico' in Miramar just outside Oliva.

We sat down at a table in the centre of the quirky bar and the waitress immediately came up and plonked a delicious salad and a basket of fresh bread between us - its not a case of what will you have, its understood you're having the menu of the day - and she proceeded to rattle off the four choices on each of the starter and main courses.

We both ordered paella to start (first courses are filling and usually involve a rice or pasta dish) followed by sirloin steak in sauce.

To drink? We asked for white wine and she brought a chilled bottle of white rioja. Incuded in the price, mind. A whole feckin bottle!

We munched on the fab salad - lettuce, tomato, spring onion, two types of olive, gherkins, sweet white onion, carrot - and then the paella arrived in oven dishes. Proper Valencian paella, none of your tourist nonsense, the meat was rabbit, the rice was yellow and fragrant with saffron, and there was lashings of baked artichoke heart in it.

The steak cutlets were tender, coated in a red pepper sauce and accompanied by nicely browned chips and a smattering of roast vegetables.

Postre? That's dessert to you and me. I had a whisky ice cream gateau with squirty cream, the missis had profiteroles. The final act was two superb cafe americanos brewed on a proper espresso machine, they'd shoot themselves here before serving you a cup of instant.

Now the best bit. The bill was 20 euros for the two of us. What's that, about £8.60 each?

Go on, move out here, you know you want to. (Pikeypaul and RedWhiteandBlue please ignore).
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Loh, what's your take on......
at 12:33 19 Jan 2019

Port Talbot's latest masterpiece? Been to see it yet? Know the lucky owner?
Rock pilgrimage
at 19:24 24 Nov 2018

Here's one for old prog rockers of a certain age. Who remembers the Dutch band Focus?
Their lead guitarist Jan Akkerman, who in the 1970s many people thought was vying with Clapton for the title Best Rock Guitarist in the World, turned 70 this year.
To celebrate this fact, he has been giving a series of concerts in his homeland, the last of which is next Saturday in Ede.
I'm driving up to see him, setting off from my home here in Spain on Wednesday and hoping I can fight my way through the French yellow jacket protesters. I'm also going to take in the Excelsior Rotterdam v FC Utrecht Dutch premier league match on the friday evening.
Wish me luck!
Dan James.
at 19:57 10 Nov 2018

21 years old today and putting in one storming performance after another. I imagine you can't move for Premiership scouts watching him at every match.
How long is his contract and what chance do you think we have of keeping him until the end of the season?
I'm expecting a £10 million bid in January, Spurs would be my guess.
First World War definitive book
at 08:07 7 Nov 2018

An appeal to Loh, or anyone else who can help. With all the focus on the First World War in recent weeks, I realised that although I knew a lot about the fighting and the horrendous conditions endured, I knew nothing about the causes. The historical background. Can anyone recommend a definitive history book which covers the political build up, the war itself and maybe the aftermath? Thanks.
Today's Trust E-mail.
at 10:05 8 Oct 2018

It must be crystal clear to everyone by now that the current and previous owners are treating the Trust and by implication the fanbase with complete contempt.

Get them into court ASAP.
[Post edited 8 Oct 2018 10:07]
That BT Sky tv ad...
at 20:46 8 Aug 2018

With the little girl running rings round assorted sports personalities on her way to and from school.

It's totally unrealistic.

When she nutmegs Deli Alli, the cvvnt doesn't dive to the floor screaming for a penalty....
Teccy question, please.
at 07:22 10 Jul 2018

When viewing some threads on PS, the presentation goes out of kilter.
I can only see the left hand side of the text, there's a black band down the right hand side obscuring that text, and the posters name and avatar appears on the extreme right hand side in the black band, I have to scroll over to see it.
Probably something in Settings needs adjusting but I dont know what.
Intelligent answer required please.
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Belgium v Brazil
at 19:01 6 Jul 2018

Go Roberto! Go Belgium!

Stick it up Naymar, the big girl's blouse.....
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