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ex-owners anti-litigation propoganda?
at 12:12 31 Jul 2017

This from some guy called Ponty Jack on scfc MBs. Someone running scared?
Dave Adams replacement...
at 12:42 7 Jul 2017

is Roy Thomas!


Other Academy changes.Joe Grey and Anthony Wright move from U16s to U18s to replace Chris Llewellyn and Eric Ramsay.

Ex-Leeds midfielder Matthew Jones and Nelson Jardim now look after U16s.

Tate works across 17s and 18s as a coach.
Borja has gone
at 21:39 4 Jul 2017
Were we involved in this?
at 18:10 3 Jul 2017

I hope so!
The Resurrection has been in the recording studio
at 20:43 2 Jun 2017

Playoff best moment
at 15:16 29 May 2017

Scott Sinclair's hat trick one of the nominees.

Only 4th in the voting at the moment, behind Zamora, Windass and Gray.

Get voting people.
The Table since January
at 20:02 15 May 2017

Ollie screamer
at 23:28 16 Jan 2017

Eat that!

Richard Madeley...
at 22:04 8 Jan 2017 the new Valencia coach

the next MK Dons
at 00:48 6 Jan 2017

How the hell this blatant conflict of interest can happen within our political system is baffling.
Conte is classy
at 13:35 2 Jan 2017

Who do you want as next Manager?
at 11:51 28 Dec 2016

Who do you want as next Manager?

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Terry Yorath and John Mahony - Jack legends
at 23:28 21 Dec 2016

City away Leicester home moved
at 14:13 13 Dec 2016

Both on Sky and switched to Sundays.

City game is at 1.30pm on 5th Feb.

Leicester kick off 4pm
[Post edited 13 Dec 2016 14:26]
at 19:47 28 Nov 2016

What are the odds on us getting 3 pionts on the weekend?

Spurs have 1 win - a scrappy 3-2 victory over West Ham - in 10 games.

They have drawn against West Brom, Bournemouth, Leicester, Bayer Levekusen and Arsenal.

Lost against Chelsea, Bayer at Wembley, Monaco, Liverpool.

Their confidence can't be that great, and it seems some of their key players from last season, Alli, Dier, Kane are all off the boil

Key injuries at the back - both Rose and Ben injured, plus Alderweireld.

Ideal for Mo to be left loose against Vertongen at left back, who, while a good defender is not so quick. Ball over the top behind him, like we should have played more vs Kelly on the weekend.
More "Directors' tickets on offer
at 20:19 9 Nov 2016

Apologies if this has been posted somewhere else, but its seems Van Zwenden wasn't the only Director accessing tickets for non-Swans business, even Cat A ones too it seems.

If you buy a vending machine, you can get some free tickets to watch Liverpool, Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal - in fact every game at the Liberty.
Huw Cooze
at 11:37 28 Oct 2016

I can't be the only one who is dismayed what I see happening on here, on scfc and other fans sites regarding the revelation that Huw Cooze has been paid for some of the work he has done over the past 6 years.

To me, the biggest surprise was, for the amount of work he does - and that's just from reading the Trust's minutes - that he wasn't being paid, while the likes of Dineen and Jenkins were!

Do we know their salaries? No.

Now the Trust have got this wrong, and it should have been disclosed before it was, but stand back a second, and think about what really is playing out here.

There is nothing wrong with HC being paid. What's wrong is that the fans weren't made aware of it. But that oversight is not illegal.

But ask yourselves why this has become such a burning topic? Who is driving this? and why are they making this such a MASSIVE issue, when there are other things us fans and Trust members need to be worried about?

I have my suspicions, and I'll leave you all, for legal reasons, to form your own opinions who that might be and why they would want to do that.

Because what it seems to me, this is being used as a stick to beat the Trust with. Trying to destabilise it. Trying to put the hierarchy of Trust Board members under such pressure they could all be forced out or want to give it up.

THAT WOULD BE A BLOODY DISASTER, but it looks to be what the real agenda is all about to me.

But we do need to find a way forward that is best for the Trust, which is ultimately best for the fans.

I'd like to see the Trust make a statement on this issue to put it to bed so they can concentrate on the job at hand. in it detail the following:

1. What has Huw really been paid? I don't believe it is as much as people are being led to believe. The club accounts don't stack up on that score.

2. What has he achieved in this role over the past several years? just reading the Trust minutes over the years I have been a member, it seems a bloody lot. And a lot of it unseen and unglamorous work.

- From working with the Disabled Supporters groups (we are one of a handful of clubs who comply with the Disabled Supporters Act as a result).

- Working with and helping Supporters direct, and other clubs like Wimbledon through SD.

- Supporting local clubs with kit, appearances and other stuff - for those of you he has helped, please speak out.

- Initiatives abroad - the US camps. African townships.

- Representing us fans at PL meetings.

- Taking up the South Stand moving debacle complaints this pre-season.

- The Trust would be best placed to detail the full list of work and achievements, but it will be a long list, I am sure.

That also takes up a lot of time, as does travelling to every game as our representative. Now some people may think, "lucky B", "nice jolly", but I can't imagine its the same as going to the game with your mates. And take it from me who has a 400+ mile road trip every home game, the travelling is a killer, especially as you get on and have a family and work life to juggle on top of it.

4. how much time does this work take up? Doesn't sound like apart time job to me.

5. Once that has happened either a vote of confidence in Huw from those paying members, or an election where Huw stands.

I'd like to think when people know the facts they will form a different opinion on how big an issue this is.

I don't know Huw, but have met him on a few occasions at Trust functions.

I challenged him once on his printing business with the club, and he defended his corner about having to tender for the work. Told me of having lost some of the work in the past - flyers I think was one of those jobs he failed in his bid. And when I saw the figures in the accounts on these costs, I got a close friend, a designer who has worked for major newspapers if these costs looked bona fide, and he said yes. In fact he said he probably could have charged more! He certainly would have. So HCs defence seems credible to me.

And don't forget, if we loose Huw, Phil, Jim or any of the other Trust Board members, that creates a vacuum at a time we can least afford it, especially with the new COO being appointed this week.

Anyone coming in will not have the knowledge of what has been going on these past months. They will not know how the sellers "operate", and how best to challenge that. They know where the skeletons are buried. Be able to challenge any statements made to the new man from within the club, that the Trust reps know to be false.

Now is the time to build a siege mentality and stop this madness.

Stop calling for heads to roll. Let the Trust put the facts before you. then make an more informed opinion, rather than let those with ulterior motives, and not ones that are for the benefit of fans, to undermine us in protecting our club, and finding a way of repairing the damage that has been caused.

We know who the real villains are. lets make sure we don't allow ourselves to have our eyes taken off the ball.

Brad Bobley's Soccer School
at 20:54 18 Oct 2016

made me chuckle

at 14:06 16 Oct 2016

watching the fist half of the Boro - Watford game.

lack of quality from both sides in the first half hour.

neither side seem to hold the ball particularly well.

Watford playing 3 -5-2.

Boro 4-2-3-1

Boro the side creating the chances though.

But Roger East bottled a sending off for Boro though. blatant foul by Boro's Barragán on Watford's Success. He looks quick.
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