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The players
at 08:36 29 Oct 2018

They need to calm down.

8th in the championship and acting like big timers on Saturday night in wind st.

Van der Hoorn is lucky to still have his teeth from what I heard!
Our midfield next season
at 06:55 21 May 2018

Some posters on here make me laugh, I can’t believe the amount of slagging off that is directed to OUR players. I think if we have a midfield of Fer, Carroll and Clucas next season it will be up there with the best in the division.

Fer has quality, yes he seems lazy at times but I believe he would have been enough to keep us in the premier league if he didn’t get injured. He’s built for the championship, he’s direct and he will score a few next year so I hope he stays.

Clucas has been played out of position in a team with negative tactics and with an injury by the looks of it, I think with a decent run in the team he will be perfect for the championship. He will chip in with a few goals and if the next manger lets him play as a box to box midfielder I think we will see the best of him.

Carroll is harshly criticised by many on her, apparently he’s not built big enough, like Leon? He passes the ball side ways, Like Leon? Im not saying he is better than Leon for one second but he has got some ability. Against Stoke he was the best player on the pitch but still people criticise him, he passed the ball side ways and he gets abuse from the stands, Leon passed it sideways and got praised for keeping the ball and controlling the game, you couldn’t make it up. When Tom first arrived he was quality, he is technically one of our best players and I think he will be quality in a midfield three next season.

It’s about time some of OUR fans actually got behind and supported OUR players. We would probably see a better team on the pitch then.
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South stand - back row- seats 114-117
at 07:02 2 May 2018

I unfortunately sat near here for the Chelsea game, why do you bother going to the football?? I have never heard so many negative comments towards our players in all my life, it was truly pathetic! Constantly slagging off the players, childish child like remarks if you didn’t agree with what pass a player made. If you don’t enjoy the football, why go? Even the children that I took noticed it and asked which team you were there to support!

After all your constant winging, loud abuse to our players you then left with about 20 minutes to go?? We don’t need ‘fans’ like you,

Please stay away!!
Gary monk
at 08:09 27 Dec 2017

He was sacked from Middlesbrough because

Mr Gibson found out he was in swansea talking to mr Jenkins a day earlier.
3 deals done
at 20:52 26 Aug 2017

These deal have all been agreed, just need to be rubber stamped but I've been told they are completed.

Arias, bony and Sanchez.
£10 minimum wage
at 16:22 7 Jun 2017

Sorry if this has been posted on here before.

I'm not great on these political issues so thought I would ask you lot because I would like to use my vote so....

If labour put the minimum wage up to £10 an hour, wouldnt shops, businesses etc just put their prices up so the people earning more than £10 per hour at the moment be worse off? Also wouldn't it deskill some jobs that need qualifications and good education? For example, if someone was on £11 per hr, it may be worth quitting and doing a less stressful, less challenging job for only £1 an hour less?

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Formation tonight???
at 11:04 3 Jan 2017

I hope it's 3-5-2

Amat mawson Fede
Naughton cork Leon fer Kingsley
Siggy lorente

I know it will prob be 5 at the back for most of the game but I think it's our only option to stop giving away cheap goals
New manager
at 14:42 28 Dec 2016

After some talks, The boards first choice is ....

How many of you would....
at 21:47 31 Oct 2016

Take a chance on giggs now??
If West Ham sack bilic
at 08:00 27 Sep 2016

I would take him over the other names in the frame at the moment.
BEWARE - positive thread alert
at 17:08 6 Feb 2016

I'm going to put it out there and say the 3 teams that get relegated are in the bottom 3 places now!!
Andros Townsend
at 11:54 26 Jan 2016

Off to Newcastle for 12m. Will do ok for them but a bit pricey in my opinion.

He said "two of the biggest positions you could play in football are left wing and centre forward and I've got a chance to play in one of those"!

Strange quotes when he has usually played right wing for Spurs and England and I can't ever recall him playing centre forward.
Doumbia or bony
at 16:24 16 Jan 2016

Curtis asked Jenkins when we were having doumbia and his reply was "you can have him when ever you want" BUT. They are waiting for Bony because they believe there is a genuine chance of getting him back.
TWO signings
at 08:35 15 Jan 2016

We are in talks with about 5-6 clubs about different players but trying to get the best deals to suit us. We only want 2 of them.

Darren Gibson (loan)
Naismith (will be difficult because they want montero)
De Guzman
Winger from juventus (didn't get a name)

I'm hoping its doumbia plus Naismith and one other.

Benik afobe
at 09:07 5 Jan 2016

at 17:31 3 Jan 2016

Remember when most on here were taking the piss out of him after we nearly signed him and he went to Everton?

He would walk into our team!!
Brendan Rodgers
at 13:33 30 Dec 2015

Apparently we are in negotiations with him and Liverpool to try and sort a deal out. If he becomes our manager it will effect his pay form then so a deal is trying to be made!

Not sure how I feel about it... Wonder if he could bring any Liverpool players with him to help us this season
Monk is not to blame
at 10:01 8 Dec 2015

He could be a quality manager but has been unlucky with all the stuff going on behind the scenes.

You could pick any manager in the world and they would struggle with what monk has been dealing with!
The American deal...
at 11:27 23 Feb 2015

Sorry if this has been posted, I can't be bothered to read through 9 pages if posts...

But I didn't realise that the deal was for 30% of the club with a guaranteed 60% after 5 years.
Most of our fans
at 07:46 12 Feb 2015

When we win - monk is great and was the right choice.

When we lose - he shouldn't have got the job and he's clueless.

A large percentage of our fans are SHIT.... You know who you are!!!
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