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England down under
at 19:06 18 Jun 2016

Incredible achievement by the English winning their first ever test series in Oz.
Watching the highlights the defence looked ridiculously good.


Good weekend for England but poor Ireland have had a mare,terrible in the football then throwing away a big lead in South Africa when on the verge of an amazing series triumph themselves.
Hope they do it in the last test but have the feeling the chance has gone.
Leeds away first game
at 11:27 6 Jun 2016

Our fixtures are on page 27 of this document.
Brighton away Sat 4th March if these are the real McCoy and not a wind up.

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at 23:19 10 Feb 2015

I expected him to be alot better than he was tonight..
He had 2 chances,missed both and contributed almost nothing else to the Sunderland team.
He's a player who only scores but adds little else.
We've had a result not signing him considering the wages and length of contract he's have wanted.
at 17:48 27 Jan 2015

We really missed the boat with this fella,WB were hemorrhaging goals worse than us before he walked through the door.
Four games in and they've only conceded 1 and remain unbeaten.
The 1st thing he did was to create an organized defensive unit which was clearly evident during the game at Goodison where they defended so well that Everton rarely threatened their goal.
I think the only way we will stay up is if we now sign at least 3 decent players as Redknaps coaching staff haven't got the know how to improve what we already have.
If we'd moved earlier for Pullis i reckon he'd have galvanized and improved the young players we have and we'd probably be a few points better off already.
I see he's now inquiring about our 2 out of form wingers.
If he gets hold of them you just know they'll improve.

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New Years disco
at 20:06 1 Jan 2015

It could have been worse
Another must win game come Saturday
at 22:16 15 Dec 2014

Lets be honest,we didn't expect anything from this game,but the fact we failed yet again to be competitive against a team who were clearly lacking confidence is whats most disappointing.
I only saw the last half hour and thought we were ok but then its easy to look good when the opposition have already put the game to bed.
Its becoming very predictable now with us going into every home fixture knowing we have to win.
If we lose Saturday,we will be in deep shit but if we win we'll probably be out of the bottom 3 which is quite unbelievable considering we've lost every bloody away game so far.
Sooner or later our home form will disappoint,then what?
at 10:13 2 Dec 2014

Now being accused of racism.
What on earth was Rodgers thinking of signing this clown?
To think he could have had Remy for. 6 million less.
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at 10:05 31 Aug 2014

Talk about a man in denial,if it wasn't for their keeper,bad luck and bad finishing the game could have been over by half time.
The goal was the least we deserved after hammering them for the last 20 minutes of the half.
If anyone never looked like scoring it was them.
We're gonna have to get used to this sort of response when we win games i think.
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Norman Golding
at 22:07 24 Jul 2014

A delayed RIP for an ex Rs player that i'd never previously heard of.
All the same after reading this article by Steve Russell i couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness how it all ended after such a positive start at Rangers.
Any of you lot remember this fella?

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Very funny knowing what we know now
at 19:48 10 Jul 2014

Player ratings
at 18:31 5 Apr 2014

A distinctly average all round performance to say the least.
Clearly our defence had a poor day but our attacking was also very disappointing after a promising start.
I have to say i like the way Bournmouth play the game and they have an excellent striker in Grabban who destroyed our centre halves today.

Green 8 MOM
Simpson 6 started well then faded
Assou-Ekotto 6 looks like he couldn't care less
Carroll 6 the same mark he always gets,no great shakes
Dunne 3 the worst game since he arrived,truly shocking
Hill 6 mistake for their 2nd but solid otherwise
Hoilett 3 what a waste of time and money he is,dreadful
Jenas 6 same as Carrol
Maiga 1 this guy just isn't a footballer.....is he?
Morrison 6 not at his best after a good start
Traore 7 our best outfield player until his inevitable departure.
Sub Austin 6
Sub Benayoun 6
Sub Zamora 3
Redknapp 4 Poor set up today and no answers when they were reduced to 10.
That was really hard to watch,we were so predictable,started well both halves yet they soon worked us out and took over.

Fair play to them,they thoroughly deserved it even though we gave them a helping hand.
London Pride
at 15:39 11 Mar 2014

On tap tonight in the ground.
Oi oi!
at 17:49 15 Dec 2013

Its just a matter of time before Levi pulls the trigger.
5-0 down at home and it could be 10 in truth.
How on earth did he get two such high profile jobs?
at 18:40 14 Dec 2013

After a quiet opening spell he improved hugely for the 2nd half today making a big contribution toward the result.
He set up the 1st goal and created the opportunity for Phillips to cross for the 2nd with a powerful run and one two.
An average player maybe but i don't think he deserves the stick he's been getting as others have been worse at times.
Edit:And as bad as we've been for periods this season we're still top of this league.
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at 11:58 14 Dec 2013

Showing todays game in the Middlesex area?
Thanks in advance.
Something funny to cheer you all up
at 18:37 7 Dec 2013

Brilliant stuff
at 17:23 7 Jun 2013

No this isn't a new signing.For those that don't already know its the secret(not so secret anymore)meeting of the worlds owners puppets down in The Grove Hotel Watford.
These people virtually control our lives, we're given enough choice to think that we have free will, things like buying a car, a house,just enough rope to hang ourselves but all of the major decisions the vast majority have no say on what so ever.
We don't even get to vote on important things that change our lives they're passed without our knowledge.
Look at the leaders of the various political parties,they change their opinions at the drop of a hat if they feel it will enhance personal future progression.
Early in his career Tony Blair was campaigning for a withdrawal from the EU. He was invited to a Bilderberg meeting and came back with a completely different outlook.
What could possibly make Blair change his tune? Maybe the promise of being the next prime minister.

This is the 61st meeting to which 59 were completely denied as ever happening until the late Jim Tucker finally exposed this criminal cabal for what it is.
I see some mainstream illuminati media outlets are there to continue their discrediting of the researchers and the enlightened self educated types present.
This sinister meeting needs maximum exposure.The idea that in a democratic state our government officials are meeting billionaire businessmen behind closed doors and we are not privy to their decisions is frightening. If this criminal bunch has nothing to hide, then release all the agendas and minutes of past.They never will because it would incriminate the lot of them.
These people are responsible for all the major wars and issues plaguing our planet yet they can just turn up unannounced paid for by a dodgy Bilderberg charity with yours truly footing the vast security bill.No wonder they're so fcukin rich.
The whole thing stinks.
Am popping down tomorrow to be in the same vicinity as our countries REAL government.

[Post edited 1 Jan 1970 1:00]
Stewart Broad
at 13:04 19 May 2013

5 wickets in 5.4 overs incredible stuff from Broad and England with the kiwis now 29-6 with the closest match we've seen for a while as good as over.
Jeff Hanneman RIP
at 07:35 3 May 2013

One of the founding members of Slayer died yesterday of liver failure having suffered ill health since being bitten by a spider last year.RIP LEGEND!

at 13:21 9 Mar 2013

3 goals in 4 minutes 3 up at GOODISON
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