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The day after yesterday
at 10:08 21 Nov 2015

Still feeling like having a hangover but some rage left the body.
Some observations after last nights defeat:

1 Better Team performance compared to the Fulham and Brentford away games.
2 Still discovering what kinda gameplan / style we are trying to adept
3 Shocked to see that our fitness levels are still a great way of from where it should be to compete for 90 minutes
4 We are very slow in midfield and on the break
5 Faurlin, how much I like him he hasn't the legs anymore to last more then 60 minutes
6 Perch and Konchesky are they so much better then Kwepka and Furlong? Not on yesterdays performance.
7 Corners and Crossing still need much practise

Hope we can improve but I have the feeling of GroundHog day every november for the last few years where it feels we are on a crossroad to something new.
Something we should have sorted out at the start of the season.

Anyway I wish you all a nice weekend ahead after that bad feeling yesterday.

Clarence Seedorf anyone ?
at 15:54 14 Nov 2015

Several Italian media are reporting he would be a contender for the QPR vacant position , probably a lot of rubbish but who knows.

Lots of Football experience but not as a manager, only a short spell with AC Milan.
Playing under lots of high class managers one could assume he would have learned lots from them.
Not sure if he is the right candidate to rebuild our QPR though.

Today i did see a Team....
at 21:55 30 Oct 2015

I have never heard of players who did outplay a Rangers side who looked disorganized, sloppy, unfit and with no game plan other then hoof it forward and hope for the best.
This team called Brentford who appearantly switched managers not long ago, looked far more a team then this Rangers side who had the same coach for a while and isn't improving from the start of the League.
JET 6 ft tall is throwing in balls while he should be at the end of it?
What kind of sick joke of management is this?
Sorry to say but we look like a team without a manager, this looks like a Redknapp managed team all over again.

I was positive when the season started but we make the same errors all over again.
My god this is depressing.
at 17:27 24 Oct 2015

Well done !! Result wise
Nice way to start the saturday evening, off for some beers tonight in a happy mood.

Enjoy your evening everyone.
2-1 down and we exchange a striker for another one?
at 17:24 17 Oct 2015

I am flabbergasted, CR you just made yourself untainable.

Clueless match management not for the first time and it has to stop.

Should we have a deadline concerning Austin's transfer?
at 09:25 24 Jul 2015

Comingback from a holliday i would have expected Austin would already been sold by now.
I don't know if we are in the position to put a deadline to his matter cause to me this has all the last years Remy business smell about it.
I think we should make a statement anyway that other teams have the chance till 1 august to put an offer in.
This whole affair is dragging on from the day we relegated and it is time we put an end to it.
We should not suffer that PL Teams fail to recognize what's Austin value and left with our only option to loan a player to replace him.

Liverpool enter the race to sign Charlie
at 13:15 14 Jun 2015

That would be a tremendous achievement for Charlie.
From a bricklayer to one the most famous clubs in the world in 6 years time.

I would say let him have that transfer cause he worked hard for it.
The price would have to be right though.....

How about 13 million and Ricky Lambert in return provided Lambert doesn't want too much cash salary wise ??

Pretty sure Lambert would be still banging them in the Championship.
Latest Rumours on twitter
at 22:24 30 May 2015

Know some of you on here don't really like twitter but then again its the fastest medium to pick up news, events and RUMOURS.

So here are two i picked up from a new football league twitter account concerning rumours all about the football league ....

Deli Alli on loan from Spurs
Southend United play off hero goalkeeper Bentley

Wouldn't mind these rumours to come true.
Caulker ... terrible
at 15:40 16 May 2015

What a terrible signing this guy has become.
i had with others so much hoped this would be such a good signing.
A big let down from this player who cost us like 6 or 7 points this season for sure.

Knowing that young players even good ones can have a season in which things won't go their way but my god this level of defending is criminal.

A tree would have done a better job at man marking.

Why do players players turn out to be sh*te once they pull on the QPR shirt?

Cool heads
at 16:59 2 May 2015

We look like we have a coolness in this PL survival battle about us like a 14 year old girl who wins a meet and greet with one of her favor members of OneDirect.

Possible Signings
at 09:27 31 Dec 2014

As it looks right now we are in for Zarate to fill the vacant striker position.
Townsend/Lennon to do a job on the wings and speed for counterattacks.
Kalas to reinforce our defense.
The Yak?

Are we happy with those ?
Think we have to settle with those and make the best out of it.

Difficult transferwindow as always in January, just hoping we can do our deals fast and not chasing for signings the last minute.
It is always diffecult for players to fit in and start the ground running.

Just a shame our best passer and tackler of the ball Faurlin is injured, with him we would florish more in playing like a team.
Sandro is able to do a same job, but unfortunately not fit enough.
Therefore we should also look if we can improve our squad in that department.

10 men Arsenal leave QPR stranded
at 19:54 26 Dec 2014

Where to start?

Unable to string two passes together for the first 15 minutes, strangers on the pitch, just ball watching all the time, no real fighting spirit, losing every duel.
Is that the way to start a match ?
At least try to start the match with the intention to win the game.

Why Traore ?
Why persist with three defenders against one attacker after Girouds sending off?
Why defend like schoolboys for the first and second goal?
Why aren't we progressing in away games?
Why no more effort to get the equalizer?
Why do we look like we have a fitness, tactical and attitude problem away from home?

All questions spinning around my brain right now.

Championship, very close this year
at 21:29 4 Nov 2014

Looking at the championship table as it stands there are 8 clubs within 4 points difference for the top spot.
Is it just me or did we have already a three way race around this time a year ago ?
Looks like a very exciting season this time.

No Signings today = Disturbing or Not?
at 08:52 21 Jul 2014

It's been almost two months we secured promotion to the PL.

Although I am happy we renewed contracts with Faurlin, Green and Hill and can understand we also have room for Zamora I think we should have assembled our squad more than we have up to now getting into pre season games.

Yes, we got Ferdinand which was on the cards for a long time, but Fernandes and Co stated in a Press conference they made two lists with targets for both scenarios either staying in the Championship or promoting to the PL ahead of the Wigan game.

Now I don't want us to pay over the top wages and make the same mistakes under the Hughes reign one would have expected we had done some business by now.
My choices were F. Campbell and G. Thorne.

Hoping we will sign Caulker and that Ajax striker today so they can start to gel with the squad and play games together.
The proces of gelling a team together must not be underestimated and is vital before the season starts, don't want to see a opening season again like Swansea at home where it looked players never played together before.


Latest odds concerning players linked with QPR
at 22:23 31 May 2014

Had a look at the Oddschecker site to see if there were any developments.

We are linked with Rio Ferdinand, Lescott and of course how can it be anything else.. with Crouchy.
No raising of the eyebrow there.

But it was some other odds which did stand out which I wanted to share...

Odds shortening on players joining QPR

Ashley Williams (second favorite)
Ings (second favorite)
Craig Bryson (favorites)

Interesting to say the least

Cruyff turns 67
at 19:00 25 Apr 2014

Something different now...... About a remarkable legend

IMO a good and funny read...

Happy with the win
at 18:05 15 Mar 2014

Very happy with winning 3-0, no idea how we played so very much looking forward to the Just Back contributions.

Shame we have three new injuries to deal with now, hope they are not too serious.

The beer will taste very fine now..

Feel Free to join (Non QPR)
at 19:43 12 Mar 2014

Trying to give this petition a real boost...

Many thanks in advance
QPR the medicine commercial
at 18:30 22 Feb 2014

Feeling down and exhausted?
Do you want a promotion or get out of misery?
Want a product which will make you smile and feel better?
Need a boost in morale and confidence?

We proudly present you .... QPR the new medicine.
Available from February

Read these following instructions carefully ....
Play with heart and devotion and you will be rewarded.

SORRY GUYS, being cynical as hell at the moment.
Watched a game against a very, very average side with no confidence and we look so clueless again.
One paced pub team football, bad concentration, no tactics, no ideas.
What's going on in training lately, do we have shooting training sessions, do we have game exercises, set pieces, do we train things at all?

Unless things change real soon we won't achieve anything this season.

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