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What a game that was !
at 16:51 15 Sep 2019

Still getting my head around it today..first half we played some of the best attacking creative football I have seen in years and then one mistake & by the time Luton got that injury time free kick & my nerves were in shreds.
One thing that stood out for me though in both those very different halves were how committed all our players were. As a fan I can't ask anymore than that. Ironically I gave up my season ticket after nearly 20 years but am now keener to go to games than ever.
Yes I was cursing Lumley but the manager was completely right to back him & so should we. How many of us would have thought that this young newly assembled team would be 3 points off top after 7 games? More to the point I am seeing a passion and togetherness I have not seen since that Warnock team. I like the manager's use of subs too; though yesterday I disagreed with 2 of them & would have left Chair & Wells, 2 of our more skillful & creative players, on the pitch. What it showed though is that the manager is prepared to show confidence & belief in his squad. He has stuck with Barbet too who saved us with that tackle yesterday as did Amos late on.
Hopefully some specific intensive training should be able to improve Lumley's ball playing & distribution. Think Hugill could maybe do with some work as well to stop him smashing the ball over it's all about technique & maybe a bit of composure which is easily corrected.
All in all though there is so much to love about this team ...let's get behind them especially if and when they go through a bad run which we probably will at some stage. Can't wait for Millwall now!
One thing we could learn from Millwall fans
at 13:00 12 Apr 2019

I know that rightly or wrongly their fan base rarely gets a good mention but one thing I've noticed after many trips over the years to both the old and new Den is that their supporters never seem to get on the backs of their own team however badly they are playing.
Going into half time this week and with Rotheram winning they were in the 3rd bottom place and their players were making numerous mistakes. If this was us at Loftus Rd a big minority of the crowd would have been on player's backs and there would have been loud moans and worse every time there was a misplaced pass or an attack broke down. Not only this but individual players would be getting dogs abuse as our fan base always likes to have a couple of favourite players who we can reserve for extra vitriol..this has been the case as long as I can remember (Mick Leach in the 70s ..Simon Barker in the 80s, Santos in the 90s ) and many many more.

I know that we are playing badly but it is so counter - productive to slate your own team to the extent we do during matches. I'm not saying that we shouldn't moan or complain about problems on and off the pitch, I do so regularly myself, but abusing your own players during a match is not the place.
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Now that we are skint
at 02:33 4 May 2015

and heading for the Championship we need to go back to what we as a club always did best; namely buying well from the lower leagues. Johnny Byrne from York City, Simon Stainrod from Oldham, Trevor Sinclair from Blackpool, Seaman from Birmingham, Sinton from Brentford , and of course the mighty Sir Les from Hayes.. We need to get back to this...my son, Owza on here, has been following this player from Northampton and has just made this video, looks quality to me; apparently Wolves bid 500 large for him in the last transfer window but couldn't come up with the cash..He may be no Charlie Austin but wold be a breath of fresh air after Bobby... got to be worth a punt

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Anyone know?
at 12:33 5 Apr 2015

Just ordered tickets online for Villa; does anyone know if they send the tickets up there for collection or do you have to pick them up at Loftus rd.
So who's up for the long haul?
at 19:31 17 Mar 2015

There's been many on here recently who like me now accept the liklihood that we are going down and talk eloquently about how we need to "start again and build a club from the bottom up"; TF has used social media to echo these sentiments and has said that we will build up our youth set up and will only generally look to buy young hungry players from the lower league.

This all sounds very encouraging and in many aspects music to our ears and I suspect that is why we were all so initially keen to embrace Chris Ramsey; but yet already the gloss is starting to wear off this particular idea. The fact of the matter is this; if we are going to do this; and I suspect we will have no choice as the wasted money does really seem to be drying up, then it will take time and probably quite a bit of it.

So my question really is this... If we are struggling in the Championship for the next 2 years or more how are all the moaners on here;, and I include myself in this by the way, going to cope with it... will we continue to call for new managers, signings etc or will we be just truly happy that our club is heading in the right direction? Look at Fulham this year and it could quite easily be us. My gut feeling is that despite what we all say, we have been to a greater extent or less all been suckered in to our chairman's grandiose ambitions and talk of new ground etc and will struggle to accept us struggling in the lower leagues. Hope I am wrong.
Please Chris, drop BZ tomorrow
at 16:11 6 Mar 2015

I do feel that persisting with Bobby up front is starting to get beyond a joke now. I know he was playing well back in October and November but come on; we need goals and up to now he has scored 2! I know some say that he holds the ball up well and I don't question his commitment but for our club in the position it is in to have a striker playing who can't score is a luxury we can't afford. We have the Chilean world cup centre forward and also Zarate in the squad who are both capable of beating a man and scoring goals; what other Premiership team would select BZ ahead of either of them; in fact what other Premiership club would have him in the team at all?

His deficiencies and limitations were highlighted all the more when we threw Caulk er up front for the last 10 mins or so the other night; he won at least 3 header flick ons in that time.. how many did Bobby win in the whole 90? CR himself said we can't rely on Charlie to score all the goals
... well play another striker who is capable of scoring then!
This is not meant to be overly critical of the manager as in general I like his aproach and positive attitude.
Next 4 home games
at 21:44 1 Jan 2015

against Man United, Southampton, Spurs and Arsenal...so nothing easy there! Surely means that we have to radically change our ultra negative approach to away games and soon!
If only we had JT!
at 21:33 16 Oct 2014

No not my thoughts but those of our fantastic manager. just seen this quote from Harry's new book..

"he's one of those that change a club. If we could take him from Chelsea I would feel very confident, just with that one signing alone, that we would stay up" .

What the f*** this is wrong on so many levels it is unreal. It is like the ramblings of some poor senile old man but he actually believes it all... get out of our club and go back to Sandbanks and if it makes you happy dream about a QPR centre half partnership of JT and Rio... I mean how could it ever fail?
God give me strength!
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Hey what's happened to Morgan twin?
at 18:55 12 Aug 2014

Hope you are alright fella; I do miss your QPR history lessons!
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BAE headbutt
at 19:54 19 Jun 2014

Just saw a video of BAEs headbutt on a team mate last night, looking back we had at least a couple of incidents when he got in rows with other players at QPR too. Seems like he has a nasty streak as well as a bad attitude- definitely don't want to see him back at Rangers.
Was that your best ever Qpr moment?
at 19:48 25 May 2014

Have to say that I can't see much topping that; after oneil got sent off it was pure hell watching that second half which made the goal all the sweeter; being there with both my boys and best mates and 40, 000 Rs was for me one of the best and most emotional moments in my life! The only other time I have felt anything close to that was standing on the North Bank when Clive Allen scored against West Brom. Unbelievable!
Almost certainly Wigan in the play offs
at 13:11 20 Apr 2014

So my question is this; do we want the 1st leg to be at home or away? I know the conventional wisdom is that you want to be playing the 2nd leg at home but given our dreadful away form and the near certainty that HR will try and set us up for a draw in an away 1st leg, I have a real fear thst we could get blown away up there and be left with an impossible task.

On another note I hope that he puts Ned in ahead of Dunne as I feel that Dunne could be a liability against the pace of Wigan, I am also concerned about BAe and his obvious lack of interest at the moment, but given HR 's old favourites policy he will probably pick both of them.

What does everyone else think?
Brighton tickets still available on the day!
at 21:13 10 Mar 2014

Just to let anyone who still fancies going at the last minute there's still a few tickets left available direct from the Brighton box office: 08443271901, or at Www.seagulls.co.uk.tickets in block S1B
So what happens next?
at 20:46 25 Feb 2014

Ok so we have all had our say on what we think should happen with HR, i was just interested in what people think will happen now. Is this all just a storm in a tea cup or has something significant changed? Personally, i think it is the latter- Just a few months ago TF went on record as saying that he wanted HR to stay at the club for years but on Friday there was that tweet and since then absolute silence even though rumours have been raging. As for Redknapp, he has been using his friends in the media to justify his own impeccable credentials. In mentioning the fact that we didnt get NTep and Belfodil he is also questioning whether TF is correct when he said that he had given the manager everything he wanted- to some extent he has a point in this as i myself do not understand why the club spent so much of the transfer window chasing these 2 only to pull out and fail at such a late stage but even so Harry is pushing it a bit given the amount of players he has been allowed to bring in.

In the short term I think that if we fail to win either of the next 2 or possibly 3 games and we continue to slide towards 7th place then TF will probably pull the trigger; if we do win then I think he will probably carry on but there does seem to be a general consensus among fans at least that he should go at the end of the season- though i guess this could change again if we do go up. Either way the Harry and Tony love in is no more, me thinks
Are Results all that matter this season?
at 15:44 1 Dec 2013

Yes I know we lost yesterday but still nearly all of us would have taken our current league position at the start of the season and if we get 2 home wins this week, which we should do, then we will be right back in there. And yet at half time yesterday when we were winning the game the general consensus was that we had been bloody awfull. In fact in the majority of the matches in what lets be honest is a pretty poor league I have gone away frustrated by our inability or unwillingness to go out and dominate games and create lots of chances. Millwall was perhaps the clearest example of this but there have been many others - yesterday 63% possession and only one shot on target is truly pitiful against a little Donny team struggling with injuries..
I've even started to question myself - after the last 2 years surely I should just be grateful that we are up there competing for promotion- another thread touched on this yesterday, commenting on the poor atmosphere this season and this does seem true- the last promotion year was like a season long carnival in comparison to this year which seems like a drudge. Also I find it strange that as each game goes by I find that rather than singing the manager's name i am getting to dislike him more every week. For me he seems to have his favourites such as Zamorra last year and Kranjcar this season who is contributing virtually nothing game after game and whose lack of effort means that Austin is having to work his socks off up front on his own. Also he often seems tactically inept frequently making the wrong substitutions at the wrong time. Taking ONeil off yesterday was yet another example- yes he was not playing brilliantly but the man never stops running- so to take him off and leave Kranjcar and Jenas on the field was inexpicable to me.
Anyway, enough said, maybe I should stop complaining and just enjoy what could well be another promotion season - what does everyone else think.....?
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