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Breaking news - Potter’s gone
at 16:51 18 May 2019

Looks like it’s official

The gulf in class
at 21:21 17 Mar 2018

I may be looking back with the rose tinteds on but has the gulf between the top 6 ever been as wide as it is now ?

Even on a bad day under Rodgers & Laudrup I don’t recall us being embarrassed like we have been the last 2 seasons. It always felt at the start of the game as if we had a chance. Today against Spurs, Liverpool at Anfield, home games v Citeh & Utd we have been just totally blown away. We seem to be getting annihilated on an ever increasing basis even to the point (albeit with 10 men) we conceded 81% possession to a p poor Huddersfield side.

Sure we beat a poor Arsenal team on bad run & held out for a win against an inconsistent Liverpool team at home but overall the gulf in class seems to be increasing

Are the top six that much better or are we that much worse? It’s probably a bit of both but it seems that we are beaten before a ball Is kicked against some sides ... especially Spurs
Ben Davies
at 12:03 25 Feb 2018

Why don’t the Sky pundits recognise that he is first choice left back for Spurs now and has been for some time ?
To all the stay aways
at 22:05 6 Feb 2018

They are here, they are there, they are every facking where, empty seats, empty seats!

What an embarrassment on national tv too. Hang your heads in shame If you couldn’t be bothered to turn up tonight. Because supporters like like you we can find any day.

Superfan klaxon.

Armchair supporters, keyboard warriors at least I can say I was there ...
Barry Bannan - Sheffield Wednesday - go get him
at 16:19 28 Dec 2017

Decent No 10 & set piece taker - worth a punt ?
[Post edited 28 Dec 2017 16:20]
Christmas is coming, The Res has got it wrong
at 20:31 18 Nov 2017

Not that long ago, just after we had offloaded the wardrobe & the Icelander, the Res told us that we would have TWICE as many goals by this Christmas than last. So with the grand sum of 7 goals in 12 games how many goals do we need in the next 7 games to achieve that bold prediction?
New manager ...
at 15:33 5 Nov 2017

... For the Hammers?


PMSL at this, although there are 2 good points about this:

1. West Ham will have a hopeless loser as their next manager
2. At least we wouldn’t be able to even consider him as an option
Going gung-ho at West Ham will get us nil points
at 08:39 25 Sep 2017

The wave of optimism sweeping this board after the second half performance against Watford is based on no foundation whatsoever. Now I was as mystified as everyone claims to be about the team selection on Saturday. However after watching the full game back, yes the first 30 minutes were every bit as bad it looked on Saturday, but the second half was nowhere near as good as some are making out.

If we go to West Ham expecting to attack from the off then we will be in for another tough day. They have a powerful midfield & potent attacking force but with a dodgy defence. If we play with our current first choice back four they will score goals. It is vital in the PL to get the first goal. After Spurs had a player sent off, they just carried on playing as Spurs do with their defence one man down. Another five minutes & West Ham would have scored again.

After yet another horror shown from Mawson, does anyone really believe that vdH is actually a better option? Throw in Fernandez who is also prone to more than the odd lapse in concentration and playing four at the back becomes too big a risk away from home. We have to start with five at the back in this type of game.

That means Clucas has to make way for Mesa to start. Quite what made us break the club record to sign this guy remains a mystery to me, even though it is alleged by someone that he single handedly almost kept Hull up last season. He looks just like a left footed Jack Cork and adds the square root of naff all to our game. With their powerful midfield, Fer has to start to physically compete, with the enigma that is Sanches on the bench. Bony or Abraham upfront, one or the other to start, tough choice.

For all of our huffing & puffing in the second half our end product (goal aside) was zilch. Our full backs still think they are crossing for Llorente. Bony is not tall enough to compete with most centre backs in the air. Ayew has to play with a bit more guile & intelligence. We need to get more players in the box from open play. As unpopular as it may seem if we go for it from the off at the London Stadium it would be suicidal. If we can frustrate West Ham by denying them chances, get the first goal and the atmosphere up there will turn even more toxic than the first half at the Liberty.
[Post edited 25 Sep 2017 9:15]
Not a happy 'homecoming' for Bony
at 06:10 11 Sep 2017

I wonder how Bony is feeling this morning ...

During his last stint with us we were playing European football. We had players like Michu, Hernandez, Angel in his prime, De Guzman, Sigurdsson and the captain of Wales. Now we have the likes of Clucas, Carroll, Fer & Naughton. Massive come down for him. I hope he is still feeling good about the home comforts he so desired
Sanches playing v Wales U21
at 11:40 5 Sep 2017

Sanches to play against Wales U21 tonight


One season he is playing in the Euro finals & signing for Bayern Munich, the next he is playing for the U21s & signs for the Swans. In true BBC fashion I would love to know how that makes him feel.

Let's hope he comes through fit and ready for bench duty or more on Sunday. Has he actually been to Swansea yet ?
Goodbye Siggy - thank you for the days
at 05:53 16 Aug 2017

Whatever anyone thinks about Siggy he has played his part in some of the best away days of recent years during his 2 spells with us.

Especially the away day goals that will always remain in my memory, some
of the best away days ever:

-Fulham away 0-3 masterclass, the most complete performance I have ever witnessed by a Swansea side
-Wigan away , kept us safe & condemned Wigan
-WBA away - goals in the snow & the orange jerseys
-Villa Park - what a free kick
-Old Trafford - first ever league win, set up Ki then scored the winning goal -
not the start Van Gaal was expecting
-Anfield - the winning goal & history our first league win
-Old Trafford free kick, vital draw last season

Probably many more, these are just the games that I went to that I can remember

Not to mention the goals at home especially v Arsenal, Villa ... never missed a penalty either
Sky Sports v Kodi - the fightback begins?
at 15:16 28 Jun 2017

There is no mention of Kodi in this article but Sky Sports subscriptions have been dropping significantly. It looks like pay per view for football could be a not-too-distant option


Whatever the future holds it looks like Sky will be reducing prices for some of their packages. It seems that youngsters are not prepared to fork out the obscene monthly subscriptions
[Post edited 28 Jun 2017 15:17]
Swansea City's greatest ever player
at 17:26 28 May 2017

It's official voted for by the fans


Mark Clattenburg gone
at 20:27 1 May 2017

reffed his last PL game on the weekend.


Is Clattengurg the only ref to not screw us over in our PL history? .. or has he?
Ben Te O British & Irish Lion
at 12:01 20 Apr 2017

Born in New Zealand. Played rugby league in Australia ARL. Capped for Samoa in rugby league. Played for Leinster making himself available for Ireland in rugby union. Now at Worcester Warriors capped for England.

What a mercenary.

Going on tour to play against the country of his birth for the British & Irish Lions. I wonder how some of the English, Welsh, Scots, Irish centres feel about this
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