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Static Lodge Saudersfoot
at 14:12 4 Sep 2018

Nothing to do with Huwbert, but I'm thinking of buying one as an investment/bolthole.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of the holiday rental market and if you have ever rented something like this out?

If so, pet peeves/loves?
10 Mins left, win lose or draw.....
at 19:09 1 Sep 2018

What a heroic performance by the players and staff.

Flipping Items on Ebay
at 12:03 23 Aug 2018

I'm always one for finding a few extra quid here and there, more as a hobby to be honest.

I'm thinking of getting into flipping - where you buy something off (say) Gumtree and then sell it on Ebay for a higher price.

Anyone got any experience of this?
Racist Rice Dish
at 16:30 20 Aug 2018

This is the reason why people are voting for fringe politicians in droves.
Huddersfield Sex Ring
at 11:13 15 Aug 2018

Same old story.
100,000 x 1000
at 11:54 10 Aug 2018

Would the Americans sell up if fans had a decent offer to make?

I'm a total dreamer.

But 100,000 true football people, from around the world, stumping up £1000 each gives them the £100,000,000 they paid.
Martin Olsson
at 16:13 5 Aug 2018

Thought he put in a superb shift yesterday considering he hasn't even trained properly since the World Cup? Unsure why he hasn't trained though he wasn't even their first choice left back!
Anna Soubry
at 16:13 20 Jul 2018

“This is deeply grown-up, serious stuff. Egos and this sort of willy-waving ambition is deeply unacceptable.”

I notice that there have been no howls of outrage for Soubry to reign over this deeply offensive remark.
Adoption / Surrogacy
at 10:56 19 Jul 2018

Long shot, but if any chaps out there have got experience of either Adoption and/or Surrogacy, I'd be grateful for a PM to talk about it.

Many thanks
Chequers Agreement Dead
at 15:28 9 Jul 2018

With David Davies gone and Boris Johnson gone, and openly going cap in hand to the Opposition to support her plans, Theresa May is going to have to dump the Chequers White Paper or one Minister will go after another...….I don't see any other option now?
If you voted Leave.......
at 11:18 9 Jul 2018

…….and there was a 2nd Referendum, as the "Peoples Vote" brigade (oh the irony) want to have, how would you vote?

Hypothetically if the question was:

a) Accept the Current Deal (assuming it doesn't get watered down further) or
b) Leave the EU with No Deal in place.

I'm appealing to people here, don't let this be hijacked, no insults and petty points. Just a statement of how you voted originally would vote now, and why?

So to kick off:

I voted Leave.
I would vote to leave without a deal.
I would do so because I believe that the only way of the UK getting the deal it wants is to negotiate from a position of full Sovereign Independence.
Brexit showdown at Chequers.....
at 12:48 6 Jul 2018

What are people's thoughts on this?

My view is that Remain leaning ministers will push for something as close as possible to the current customs arrangement, Brexit leaning ministers will reject this and a fudge will be reached. Brexit Ministers will think "lets just get Brexit over the line - and then iron out details of the Brexit we want at a later date".

But, and this for me is the key point. The EU still have to accept what the UK Government puts forward which we know they are not going to do. I'm becoming more and more convinced that the EU will reject any proposal, try to force a collapse of the UK Government and hope that the electorate returns a Government committed to overturning the Brexit referendum.
VAR Controversy AGAIN
at 19:15 23 Jun 2018

I've seen some good decisions so far at the WC and some injustices righted.

But how the feck that wasn't a foul on the Swedish striker just now and why that wasn't checked I have no idea. How is it decided if something is reviewed or not?
at 11:38 12 Jun 2018

Never been! Going this weekend for three nights (arriving Friday, leaving Monday morning) with 10 mates from Uni. A little scared, we are 35 odd now and will be behaving like we are 19!

Any suggestions?
Welsh Labour Government Brilliance on Health
at 18:40 23 May 2018

People in Pembrokeshire have literally been telling them this since 1999.

It's nice of them to recognise these "unique challenges" almost 20 years later :-)
Huge Bee Swarm!!
at 17:30 23 May 2018

Just seen the most amazing sight, a huge swarm of bees in my back garden. Was a bit scary but an amazing sight! Dragged the cats in and shut all the doors and windows!

Now they are collecting into a hive on a tree, will be getting the local beekeepers to collect soon!

First week off work too!

Anyone else seen this amazing natural phenomenon?
at 21:24 8 May 2018

Woy Hodgson
at 14:26 5 May 2018

Absolutely remarkable turnaround for Palace since he took over.

Losing your first 7 games without scoring a goal don't forget!!!
free parking near high/wynd street
at 22:00 3 May 2018

I'm in Swansea Friday night for a few beers and staying over. Where is the best place to park for free and avoid NCP fees????
Takeover Shambles
at 08:39 2 May 2018

And the key quote:
"Tribunal documents showed it was "not in dispute" the takeover could be at risk if Mr Penny and Mr Keefe did not quit."


So they were forced out to get the takeover through.
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