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Killer Brexit Question
at 09:01 14 Nov 2018

If you could ask one killer question on Brexit to the opposing ide, what would it be?
Neil Lennon Quits?
at 14:47 2 Nov 2018

My instinct is to feel sorry for him, but I just can't

Also, it's not racist, it's at worst Sectarianism.
How do we know he didn't get pelted purely for being a tosser?
Europa League
at 18:04 25 Oct 2018

Sat in a pub in watching the Arse in this.

Reminded me of Valencia away.

Just saying.
1 win in 7
at 09:24 23 Oct 2018

Whilst it's stating the obvious and whilst there have been many positives, I've been reflecting that I'm seeing positives because my starting expectations were so, so low. We have all been pleased with the way the youngsters and this thread-bear squad started the season, but 1 win in 7 tells us everything - this league is relentless and I fear for us as the season goes on.
Ridiculous Tyre Pressure Question
at 09:31 19 Oct 2018

Ok, I'm aware this is going to make me sound like a right tool, but I'm baffled.

Situation: About 5 months ago, new tyres put on car. I do tons of mileage for work and thought - better check tyre pressure. Should be 32 all round were about 28 so not terrible but thought, may as well top them up anyway.

Obviously I know how to do this but it just wouldn't work.

Tried a separate pump, same problem!!!!

Any ideas???? I REALLY don't want to go to a garage and ask.
French Guyana Border - NI Border
at 13:43 17 Oct 2018

French Guyana is part of France, uses the Euro, and is part of the territory of the European Union.

It's border is over 1200km long and is shared with Brazil and Suriname. Is it a hard border all the way? I have no idea.

Just throwing this out there.

Tme to Prepare for No Deal
at 09:50 15 Oct 2018

When you think about it - as soon as the NI border became politicised, there was only ever going to be a No Deal outcome.
Trying to buy two tickets online farce
at 12:01 4 Oct 2018

Coming up from Pembs for the Ipswich game, Mrs westwalesed fancies it (quote: "I might finally see them score!!!").

I can't buy two tickets online????? wtf.
The e ticketing site tells me that I can't buy two tickets in my name and I need to add her to my network of family, but she needs to sign up too? What's this all about???
I hate Arriva Trains Wales
at 12:30 29 Sep 2018

And can't wait until thus new company takes over!

Currently stuck in Carmarthen and I don't have a ticket today, was going to buy on the gate! Should be OK though can't see us selling out.
Perfect Pub Meal
at 14:39 28 Sep 2018

I am likely to be taking over a rural pub soon (gulp!!!) and was wondering for some feedback around what peoples expectations of a perfect, traditional pub meal would be.
To give you a bit of context, I have for many years in the past worked as a Private Chef, and although recently I have changed careers (Mental Health) cooking is my main love. Just waiting for a good opportunity to along and I think this is it.

The pub is very, very old, and I am thinking of going down the uber-traditional route - makin it an eating pub rather than a boozer. It's got a big beer garden for the summer months.

I have my own feelings on this and I suspect they will be similar to what crops up again and again on here.

Thinking of running dementia friendly lunch services and also meals on wheels for the local community.

Also, and this is one of my pet hates, whatever happened to a proper bar menu - homemade Scotch Eggs, Quiches, Pies, simple doorstop sandwiches. All thoughts greatly appreciated?
Static Lodge Saudersfoot
at 14:12 4 Sep 2018

Nothing to do with Huwbert, but I'm thinking of buying one as an investment/bolthole.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of the holiday rental market and if you have ever rented something like this out?

If so, pet peeves/loves?
10 Mins left, win lose or draw.....
at 19:09 1 Sep 2018

What a heroic performance by the players and staff.

Flipping Items on Ebay
at 12:03 23 Aug 2018

I'm always one for finding a few extra quid here and there, more as a hobby to be honest.

I'm thinking of getting into flipping - where you buy something off (say) Gumtree and then sell it on Ebay for a higher price.

Anyone got any experience of this?
Racist Rice Dish
at 16:30 20 Aug 2018

This is the reason why people are voting for fringe politicians in droves.
Huddersfield Sex Ring
at 11:13 15 Aug 2018

Same old story.
100,000 x 1000
at 11:54 10 Aug 2018

Would the Americans sell up if fans had a decent offer to make?

I'm a total dreamer.

But 100,000 true football people, from around the world, stumping up £1000 each gives them the £100,000,000 they paid.
Martin Olsson
at 16:13 5 Aug 2018

Thought he put in a superb shift yesterday considering he hasn't even trained properly since the World Cup? Unsure why he hasn't trained though he wasn't even their first choice left back!
Anna Soubry
at 16:13 20 Jul 2018

“This is deeply grown-up, serious stuff. Egos and this sort of willy-waving ambition is deeply unacceptable.”

I notice that there have been no howls of outrage for Soubry to reign over this deeply offensive remark.
Adoption / Surrogacy
at 10:56 19 Jul 2018

Long shot, but if any chaps out there have got experience of either Adoption and/or Surrogacy, I'd be grateful for a PM to talk about it.

Many thanks
Chequers Agreement Dead
at 15:28 9 Jul 2018

With David Davies gone and Boris Johnson gone, and openly going cap in hand to the Opposition to support her plans, Theresa May is going to have to dump the Chequers White Paper or one Minister will go after another...….I don't see any other option now?
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