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I was surprised
at 23:16 23 Jan 2019

That it was three and a half years before my last blog, June 2015, was replaced by one in December 2018. It's a shame that this board is not used more, it received such a bad press when it opened that, I feel, it will take a long time to regain its status. I hasten to add that a lot of the bad press was false news and plain bloodymindedness, I'll still keep popping over to see what's happening. Best to have more than one viewpoint on anything.
Just for old times sake.
at 08:43 2 Dec 2018

Let's see who responds to this message. If anyone.
Your worst day as a Blackpool fan?
at 15:19 28 May 2015

The day OO took control of the club, though I didn't realise it at the time.
Sepp Blatter resolves FIFA crisis
at 15:18 28 May 2015

Just posted that to facebook, over 5,000, worldwide, signed in a matter of minutes whilst I was watching
Brand New Blog from Curryman
at 23:36 27 May 2015

Ha ha ha, I just have a picture in my mind of you scrambling around at home for pencil and paper in order to decipher the last message.

Out of interest, I've currently nearly finished reading the book about Turing , on which the recent film was based, and could not recommend it to anyone without a grade AAAA plus degree in advanced Mathematics, one of the worst books I've ever read. A lot of it is pure gibberish to me and certainly went way over my head.

Probably shows how poorly ejukated i wuz.

As for Deep wotsit, can't say I'll miss it, but good luck to you.

Club Statement
at 23:23 27 May 2015

I've just read Bollies piece on the other side and can see some sense in what he is saying. I would though put another theory forward.

I agree that there is a lot more to this statement than meets the eye and would agree that it could be a stalking horse that has made the bid on behalf of a shadow company. But where I differ is in the amount of the bid.

VB did at one stage want his investment back, from memory he invested somewhere in the region of £7m, stating that the O's had not invested as he expected into the club, or words to that effect. He was looking at a figure somewhere in the region of £20m, again from memory, which if it represents a 20% shareholding, values the club at £100m.

For VB it would be a bit like a Turkey voting for Christmas and as such he would have to abstain.

Who, in their right mind, would be prepared to pay anywhere near that amount.

Smoke and mirrors definately, and I'm surprised it isn't Ince's, Ferguson's, Riga's er Clarkes fault.
Brand New Blog from Curryman
at 17:52 27 May 2015

Giro, 14+15, 9, 4+9+4, 14+15+20, 9, 23+1+19, 10+21+19+20,20+21+18+9+14+7.
at 16:12 27 May 2015

It just shows that Football is rotten from the top down. Money grabbers at all levels it would seem. Sorry, allegedly.
Brand New Blog from Curryman
at 16:09 27 May 2015

Big Bloomers, how do you know I don't wear slinky dresses?
Brand New Blog from Curryman
at 16:07 27 May 2015

BenJen, I am a season ticket holder, I was one of the idiots who fell for the two year deal. However, I wouldn't measure up to the requirements for the Parliament as I only score 78% with annoyed. Besides, it holds no interest for me at all.
Song titles to describe the last 12 months
at 08:54 26 May 2015

Dark Road - Annie Lennox.

Men with Evil Hearts - Dottie West.

Double Trouble - Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Fans Parliament
at 12:09 24 May 2015

Having just seen this thread, I'm shocked at the following statement from Wizzard:

'My personal view as always is that if an opportunity to challenge the current strategy within the club comes along, the fans should take it.'

'As such, I intend to apply for a place on this Forum. He needs telling just how disastrous his policies have been, and if there is a constructive opportunity to do it, then we should take it.'

Yorkshire Seasiders, of which you are the current Chairman, has not had a meeting for two years despite my regular concerns about this;
I am concerned that an organisation which was founded 11 years ago and took a lot of hard work to get going is now in a situation that is going to take an awful lot of getting back from ( this is based on what you told me on Wednesday last);
I would suggest you concentrate your efforts on the organisation which elected you as Chairman rather than spending time in what , I feel, would be a fruitless exercise resulting in an intermember war between factions on the message boards.

I'm sorry I have had to put this on a board read by others, but feel I have tried, unsuccessfully, every other avenue to try and organise a meeting and hope it is not too late to save what is left of Yorkshire Seasiders.
Lee Clark Interview
at 16:09 21 May 2015

' We lost a kit man and he wasn’t replaced. There were issues with player registrations, travel, accommodation. It is just about getting things done in a proper manner. There always seemed to be something happening that could be prevented, something that would create a negative. As a football manager, they were things I didn’t expect to have to deal with.'

It seems some things never change.

How NOT to run a football club.
Mods on the other board acting like 2 year olds
at 16:01 21 May 2015

What they don't understand is there is a difference between a nobber and a seemingly decent bloke who just wants to have a bit of banter.

I'm a seemingly decent bloke who enjoys a bit of banter.

Which are you Giro?
Has Oyston Learnt His Lesson Or Will There Be A Repeat Of Last Season?
at 08:23 19 May 2015

I met someone, a little while ago, who was proud of the fact that we had managed to have 50 players on the books. He also told me that this year's budget would be around 9 million pounds and that Cubero would be playing in the game , that day.

Cubero didn't play;
I didn't go to the game either;
I can't see that the budget will be anywhere near that figure;
I would rather see 18 decent players than 50 deadbeats.

Mind you I howl at the moon, believe in fairies and hope Santa will bring me lots of presents if I am good so who am I to argue with this person?
[Post edited 19 May 2015 8:25]
Time to hold your nose
at 07:53 13 May 2015

Some very decent points in there Robbie, and i particulalrly agree that all fans should maintain the high moral ground.

I must admit that had I been able to, I would have been on the pitch with the young ones and feel it was a necessary evil and a peaceful way to end the season.

Plumbs, I was around the table in a pub in Watford with Robbie and a few other 'Uber Supporters' when it was announced that the O's were after teh BSA Chairman and can remember his words, which are for him to say and not me, but they were anything but supportive of the regime.

I know Robbie is often castigated as being out of touch and aloof, but he tends to keep his own council, is a genuine wholehearted supporter of all things BFC and deserves his say as does anyone else.
for those that havent seen it
at 23:35 12 May 2015

How good to see this, it must be a tremendous relief for you.

Keep up the good work Andy.
O/T Your irrational TV hatred of someone on TV
at 15:01 10 May 2015

Ant & Dec, talentless in my opinion;
Alan Carr;
Jimmy Carr;
Russel Brand;
Joe Brand;
Eddie Izzard;
Frankie Boyl;
Michael McIntyre.

I do like some people on telly though.
O/T Your morning after election thoughts
at 17:51 8 May 2015

I feel the Scots have fallen for a smoke and mirrors party. They claimed all along that they wanted more representation in parliament than they have had in the past.

When I think of the number of Scottish MP's who have previously served in the Cabinet, indeed as Chancellor and Prime Minister and how many they will have now!

I feel the SNP is a backward step for the Scottish Nation, not a step towards more representation, unless you include complete devolution in that statement.

Finally only the Labour Party could choose such a bunch of 'not fit for purpose' leaders as they have. Kinnock, Foot and Milliband to name but three. Who next Miss Whingy, Yvette Cooper with Balls on a zero hours contract.
Lee Clark interview... I'm not sure he'll stay
at 09:15 3 May 2015

Certainly sounded like a resignation speech to me.

The problem now is, who will come?
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