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Newcastle, Benitez and Ashley
at 22:30 24 Jun 2019

Rafael Benitez is packing his desk up.

The reported takeover by the Etihad lot is not happening yet.

They’re looking for a new manager with Mike Ashley still the owner.

Despair reigns at The Toon.

Yet I notice from the stats, (I quite like stats) Benitez has a win rate of only 31.4% since he’s been at Newcastle. Now this doesn’t seem particularly good to me in the big scheme of things. He’s going, That’s a given. But is it a disaster right now for the club or is it just a case of clutching at straws and Benitez’ reputation overpowering the facts? Or, did he achieve that unimpressive win rate against all odds and they really are frankly, shite and up the creek without him?

My feeling is they could get any manager in with a respectable track record and it would be the same due to in no small part the size and indefatigable support the club gets. Undoubtedly an Etihad oil Sheik would pump the money in but as for managers, does it really matter who they get at this point, without a complete overhaul of players and quite possibly ethos?
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New owners new headline announcement
at 16:18 16 Jun 2019

Where is it then? Now is the time. Let’s be having yaaaa. In the style of a drunk Delia Smith.

They should do something surely. £1300 for a fans charity thing is nice, but...
Boris bloody Johnson
at 11:59 12 Jun 2019

I have just had the misfortune of watching him launching his campaign.

Oh my word.

Wholly bereft of ideas of how to actually get anything sorted out. No detail to anything. Unable to answer a straight question. Talked up free market economics and defended the financial services industry, (London’s that is of course). Talks in sound bites. Oafish I’ll informed chancer who in turn talks about Corbyn as a ‘danger to our way of life’.

You’re the danger Boris. The only redeeming factor he has is that can be funny. But do we want a fat Aryan comedian with a silver spoon up his rectum running the country? I’ll guarantee one thing. He will widen divisions in society and spur on the right wing extremists in his wake.

If this guy is the answer we’re asking the wrong questions.
Which Tory is your choice for leader?
at 10:00 11 Jun 2019

Which Tory is your choice for leader?

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at 12:10 9 Jun 2019

What a bellend. Takes drugs and at the same time he was doing it shakes his head at those just like him who do the same. Typical Tory
at 09:58 9 Jun 2019

Anybody been? Know it?
The Duke of Edinburgh
at 13:59 8 Jun 2019

Not seen at any time for the Trump state visit. Not on the balcony with the rest of the Royals for the fly past.

He’s on his last legs isn’t he? I know he’s retired now from official duties but... I think my death list 2019 prediction might come true before the years is out.
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at 16:03 6 Jun 2019

Fancy a bit of online chat😅
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at 15:36 31 May 2019

Oh Christ it’s quiet on here folks. I note on The Dark Side it’s a bit busier albeit with tittle tattle about Christine and the hotel job vs integrity in relation to BST. BRR’s ‘by the way of balance’ thread is the main focus. W(P)C defending the lovely Mosser...

When are the new owners coming in?😃
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BOJO off to face court
at 11:10 29 May 2019

Well done to the chap who’s crowdfunded £200,000 to make this happen. It’s time politicians making populist sound bites are held to account. Might affect his leadership ambitions, (again)😃
Which political party do you side with quiz
at 09:45 28 May 2019

Not that up to date but gives a general idea.

I came out as Liberal Democrat 90%
Green and SNP, (strangely) both on 89%
Labour 87%
Conservative 🤮 44%
UKIP bringing up the rear at 35%

About right I would say but it shows how stark the contrast is between policies of the left and right.

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at 01:01 28 May 2019

In talks with UAE billionaire sheikh for a takeover. Apparently a cousin of the Man City owner. Man City 2 coming up maybe.😦
Points required to stay in the Premier League
at 17:00 26 May 2019

Southampton and Brighton 39 and 36 points respectively. Still there. Just sayin’
Retained list
at 11:22 14 May 2019

Contract options exercised on:

Nick Anderton
Marc Bola
Myles Boney
Armand Gnanduillet
Christoffer Mafoumbi
Rowan Roache
Curtis Tilt
Ollie Turton

New contracts offered to:

Nathan Delfouneso
Jimmy Ryan
Jack Sims

Professional contracts offered to:

Sean Graham
Emil Jaaskelainen
Nathan Shaw
Owen Watkinson


Max Clayton
Mark Cullen
Donervon Daniels
Chris Long
John O’Sullivan
Scott Quigley
Fin Sinclair-Smith
Chris Taylor

Already under contract for the 2019/20 season:

Liam Feeney
Callum Guy
Mark Howard
Michael Nottingham
Harry Pritchard
Jay Spearing
Jordan Thompson
Matty Virtue
Yusifu Ceesay

Loan players returning to parent clubs:

Joe Dodoo (Rangers)
Antony Evans (Everton)
Ben Heneghan (Sheffield United)
Nya Kirby (Crystal Palace)
Man City possible Champions League ban
at 09:56 14 May 2019

I picked up on this a while ago and it’s coming back to haunt them it seems.

FFP rules allegedly broken by turning a net loss into a profit by inflating a sponsorship deal.

Naughty naughty if true.
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Liverpool or Man City to win the PL. Your choice?
at 15:08 28 Apr 2019

Just watching the Burnley City game. Burnley doing a fine job of stopping Man City’s seemingly inexorable march to win. We will see what the second half brings.

I’d really like to see Liverpool win personally. So I’m rooting for Burnley tonight👍
Discontent. Bad judgment and I’m back
at 15:31 24 Apr 2019

Hello all

I have spent over a month off this site now. I have noticed a couple of things whilst still reading now and then. Traffic appears to have decreased on here since I’ve been gone. It seems to me I haven’t been putting anyone off posting, (spell chekker). Apart from that is, BRR who appears to have less involvement here in my absence.

I wonder why🤪. There are no conspiracies of course😃

Whilst I’m all for harmony and happiness it doesn’t really make for spirited debate on here when everyone just agrees with everyone. When I say everyone of course I mean all 5 of you really and most of the time there are only 2 main protagonists filling pages up with threads about this and that. Mostly not football related I might add.

I note that the season ticket debacle is now in full flow on the other site. BRR as usual is showing why I have been questioning his judgment for years in defending the price hikes particularly for children whilst failing to understand why it’s such an issue for many people. I’m going to guess that as this too, for some inexplicable reason is a Pro BRR location, I’ll once again get short shrift for saying so but I feel like rolling the dice.

Apologies in advance if this post or my mere presence puts anyone off posting🤔 or stifles debate, ruffles feathers.

But I feel like this site needs a bit of pep pill.👍

Fan violence
at 20:25 11 Mar 2019

Considering the current spate of bellendery from fans, what’s the answer?

I’m not wanting to see counter measures which will affect everyone because of said bellends but I think the answer lies in stewards being trained to react better. Shouldn’t have happened if the guys being paid to watch the crowd weren’t asleep surely? Also draconian measures against perpetrators would help, I mean more than 14 months in prison for example would help?
A Billionaire at 21😱
at 16:30 5 Mar 2019

Kylie Jenner, (one of the Kardashian family) becomes a billionaire at 21.

Now call me an old cynic but how the hell do you do that in 3 years no less without massive financial investment from somewhere? As this was on BBC news are we meant to be pleased about this? Capitalism eh?

Blackpool redevelopment
at 17:20 25 Feb 2019

Haven’t had a chance to get over there since I’ve been back. Is this £100 million project happening now? I see from the article there’s a new conference centre due to open in August so it must be in good progress by now?

Blackpool’s crying out for redevelopment. I would hope any potential new club owners would subscribe to that ethos. Let’s hope there’s some billionaire potential owner in the mix?
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