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Goodbye my friends 15:58 - May 17 with 21382 viewsLord_Bony

I will be gone over the next day or two. As you know ,the cancer has now got the best of me on my liver. I have enjoyed moderating and chatting to you guys so much over the past few years.

God bless you all and thank you

Goodnight, Lord Bony



Goodbye my friends on 17:20 - May 18 with 3634 viewschad

I have only just seen this LB. So very sorry. God bless you too.

No one can ever destroy all the love you put into the world.

In life’s last adventure, I hope it’s a cross between our last promotion, that Valencia match and all the wonderful times you have enjoyed throughout your life. Whatever, you will still be a part of our universe, as energy goes on. Save a seat for the rest of us (except DJack, if he says that energy thing has not been peer reviewed ;) )

Nighty night sweet brother, sleep tight.

Much love, and strength, you brave JB x

Goodbye my friends on 17:53 - May 18 with 3539 viewsNeath_Jack

Only just seeing this post Paul.

Absolutely gobsmacked by it, truly gobsmacked.

Your post is both the bravest, and saddest that I have ever read on this forum, possibly anywhere.

Genuinely sending you and your family all my love.

I hope your family get to read these posts in this thread, but saying that, they will already know what a top man you are.

Until we meet again.

You Jack Bastard!

I want a mate like Flashberryjacks, who wears a Barnsley jersey with "Swans are my second team" on the back.
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Goodbye my friends on 18:05 - May 18 with 3483 viewsDwightYorkeSuperstar

My thoughts are with you, your family and your friends. Goodnight, Lord Bony.

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Goodbye my friends on 18:12 - May 18 with 3485 viewsgwyn_gaseg

Always enjoyed reading your posts, sleep well.
Nos Da

Goodbye my friends on 18:34 - May 18 with 3423 viewsOldjack

Brave guy keeping his chin up to the last

Prosser the Tosser dwells on Phil's bum hole like a rusty old hemorrhoid ,fact You Greedy Bastards Get Out Of OUR Club!


Goodbye my friends on 19:32 - May 18 with 3270 viewsDewi1jack

Just seen this

Very moving words.
All our love and best wishes to you and your family.

Always enjoyed reading your posts on here and you will be missed

If you wake up breathing, thats a good start to your day and you'll make many thousands of people envious.


Goodbye my friends on 19:51 - May 18 with 3204 viewsplasjack

You have made myself and all previous posters realise what a brave man you are, hope you are still fighting my friend,have a good journey.

Goodbye my friends on 20:08 - May 18 with 3154 viewsDan_Swan

Despite having never met you Lord Bony, I felt like I knew you through your threads & on the odd occasion a thread where we have conversed. There is nothing I can actually say that hasn't already been said. These are the true words of many, many people who have never met you and only know you through the forum.

The sheer bravery & dignity you have shown prior to and especially in your post has literally blown me away, I can't comprehend what you are all going through but I'm sending you, your family & friends my very best wishes at this incredibly difficult time.

Until next time my friend...

Still following Dr's orders!

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Goodbye my friends on 20:51 - May 18 with 3027 viewsGlastonbury

This is so so sad. Very brave of u to say ur goodbyes. Clearly this forum means a lot to u. I hope u got to do what u wanted in ur life. At least you had the opportunity to say ur goodbyes to all those u loved. YJB

Goodbye my friends on 21:51 - May 18 with 2879 viewsnantywatcher

LB you seem to have brought out the very best in people, some of the comments on this thread have been deeply moving. You have touched people's lives in ways which I doubt you can imagine. That's one hell of a legacy. Sleep tight and peacefully.

Goodbye my friends on 22:03 - May 18 with 2830 viewsjacksfullaces

Your words demand respect. Peace brother, be strong.

Goodbye my friends on 22:34 - May 18 with 2759 viewsJack_Meoff

Don't know what to add without sounding trite. So many moving comments reinforcing what a thoroughly decent guy you always came across as.

One of our own.

Nos da, pal. God bless x.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face--forever.


Goodbye my friends on 22:44 - May 18 with 2709 viewsmarchamjack

I always thought you were a voice of reasonableness on this forum, a rare thing. I don’t know who you are and I never met you (I think) but I felt I knew you in some way.

Thank you for your interaction on here, you were definitely one of us who made it a better place.

Sort them out up there and spread the Swans word.

Thoughts are with you at this time of times.

Oh,..Dave, what's occuring?


Goodbye my friends on 00:59 - May 19 with 2544 viewscockneyswan

Very sad to hear your news, very brave of you to share on here, but I thank you for your contributions to this site and the opportunity to say farewell YJB

Goodbye my friends on 02:28 - May 19 with 2493 viewsSwansNZ

Logged on for the first time in weeks, only to read this very sad news.
My thoughts are with you and your family.

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Goodbye my friends on 03:17 - May 19 with 2458 viewssnork44

I lost a Mother and Grandfather to this disease as many on this board have been touched by the scourge of cancer. Your bravery is an inspiration to everyone reading your post. May your remaining time be as painless and peaceful as possible. YJB

Premier Snork now watching from the USA
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Goodbye my friends on 06:01 - May 19 with 2410 viewsjackal

Goodbye my friends on 03:17 - May 19 by snork44

I lost a Mother and Grandfather to this disease as many on this board have been touched by the scourge of cancer. Your bravery is an inspiration to everyone reading your post. May your remaining time be as painless and peaceful as possible. YJB

I've just seen this and I'm so saddened to see it.

We've never met but may I say how much I admire your obvious courage.

God bless you.

Love to your family.

Goodbye my friends on 12:06 - May 19 with 2049 viewswhiterock

Thoughts are with you, a very moving post with words that will stay with me for a long time, god bless

Goodbye my friends on 12:54 - May 19 with 1968 viewsLuther27

I never met you, and will regret that. I enjoyed your posts and admired your honesty. I will miss you.
Goodnight LB a true legend.
Goodbye my friends on 13:27 - May 19 with 1901 viewsGlyn1

Goodbye my friends on 21:21 - May 17 by Pegojack

Your courage and dignity is an example to us all. I've never met you, but I wish I had, Paul.
Keep a place for us on the North Bank in the sky, we'll all be joining you one day to stand together.YJB.

No. With respect, one day we'll all be joining you on the pitch. Godspeed. I can't say any more because I'm weeping.

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Goodbye my friends on 15:04 - May 19 with 1785 viewsjackonicko

Saddened to read this and struck by your bravery, Lord Bony. Safe journey, you Jack bast@rd.

Goodbye my friends on 18:11 - May 19 with 1547 viewsPatlallyjack

Courage, class and bravery in abundance in your post, your family and friends will be immensely proud of you. God bless.

Goodbye my friends on 19:08 - May 19 with 1460 viewsdameedna

Enjoy Valhalla my friend

Goodbye my friends on 20:41 - May 19 with 1296 viewsBrynmill_Jack

Hugely saddened by this news. Fair play to you Paul - the dignity and courage you shown in your fight has touched each and every one of us. The reason why football is such a special game is that it brings great people into our lives who otherwise we may never have.

I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet you Paul but you were never anything but a gentleman and I (among many others, your brothers and sisters in arms on here) am going to miss you terribly. This place won’t be the same without you.

God bless you mate, and keep us a seat in the hospitality box above. We all will reunite at some point. Love to you and your lovely family mate and my prayers also.

Each time I go to Bedd - au........................


Goodbye my friends on 21:53 - May 19 with 1169 viewsbonymine

Fantastic words sums it up perfectly ...... BJ 👍👍
[Post edited 19 May 21:54]

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