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Biased policing
by Andy1300 at 11:31 20 Sep 2020

BLM And XR protests, they stood and watched or took the knee. Dover protest ant anti lockdown protest they acted quite the opposite, ask yourself why?

FAO FansNetwork Admin
by Drizzy at 11:14 20 Sep 2020

Is this cesspit really worth the advertising revenue?
Alan Sugar
by Catullus at 10:59 20 Sep 2020

It's still different rule books for the rich then,


I just watched him on tv too, he says he's a proud Jew, nothing wrong with that but he goes on to say he doesn't go to the Synagogue, he doesn't practise the dietary laws and all that because "I'm not a fanatical religious Jew". Now some Jewish people might just be upset by that, a "proud Jew" suggesting that following Jewish religious rules is fanatical?

I used to like Alan Sugar! A self made man, worked hard and won huge success for himself but his recent outbursts and behaviour just irk me.
When Huw Jenkins talked about
by swancity at 10:41 20 Sep 2020

Selling the Club which would help “ take it to the next level “

I didn’t think he meant relegation under absent owners and not having a tin pot to piss in as that’s where we seem to be heading

Surely no one is still gullible and naive enough to believe any of that crap...

Steve Cooper : We haven’t got any money
by KeithHaynes at 23:45 19 Sep 2020

‘It’s very difficult to get in the players you want when you haven’t got any money’
New name for non football?
by Fireboy2 at 22:21 19 Sep 2020

The Chris Eames section.
BLM/ANTIFA attack man and smash his car (with dog inside) with hammers
by Dr_Parnassus at 21:20 19 Sep 2020

Another day another incident.

I said a few days ago that the technique ANTIFA use with their name is to describe anyone and anything they dislike as “fascist” or “Nazi” in order to justify their actions and use it for a pretext for violence.

Here the group in their bloodlust mistake an anti-trump campaigner as their opposition, label him a Nazi - then the mob circles...

Alan Tate
by 1462jack at 18:37 19 Sep 2020

We all dream of a team of Alan tates !
Story about Alan , after the playoff defeat back in 2006 a soldier friend the son of a prominent Cardiff hooligan turned mouth piece told me a brilliant story about Mr Tate . The scum boys were in Swansea I’m the piss ( probably because we were up there ) bumped into Tatey on the kingsway They asked for a photo Alan Tate then asked you lot seem happy considering we just lost they laughed and he realised they were Cardiff , he said your Cardiff ain’t you and offered them all down the alley way by the old ritsy
paid but no game
by onehunglow at 15:10 19 Sep 2020

Paid my tenner but nothing on Swan TV. Not happy.Ideas?
Tour de France
by onehunglow at 14:17 19 Sep 2020

Ends tomorrow and a pretty uneventful one for me.
Not having British riders to the fore has meant the casual viewer doesnt watch this superb event.

Beynal was recovering from injury as was Froome and G.

Great shame

This shows
by Whiterockin at 11:32 19 Sep 2020

This shows what just one person breaking the rules can cause. He did not self isolate after returning from holiday and went on a pub crawl with his mates.


A sobering thought.
Is this Jake Silverstein ?
by KeithHaynes at 22:01 18 Sep 2020

Tonight’s twitter trawl reveals an interesting tweet from Kieran Maguire.
Is this Jamal Lowes finance ?

QPR decide not to take the knee.
by Flashberryjack at 20:43 18 Sep 2020

QPR decided not to take the knee at tonight's game, although Coventry were happy to to take the knee.

Correct decision or not ?
Football tonight.
by KeithHaynes at 20:29 18 Sep 2020

Coventry City v QPR

Sky, bein sports 2, bein sports Connect, ESPN + USA, ifollow, Kayo Sports, QPR+
Humpty vs Dr Parnassus The Big Debate Challenge (attempt 2)
by Dr_Parnassus at 12:59 18 Sep 2020

Humpty, last time you sheepishly refused to have a civil political debate and disappeared for a while. Now it seems you have got a little braver and fallen back into the old swing of things of sniping from the sidelines, abusing people and generally trolling sensible threads.

So we are here again, in order to save threads from you derailing them with your abuse, here we have a thread designed for 10 questions each to be answered in full and in good faith.

You talk about ''good faith'' a lot when the going gets tough as an excuse to not debate, so assuming you are joining these political debates today in good faith and responding directly to me whilst also posting about me, a debate is surely what you will be looking for as I am sure you wouldn't describe yourself as a hypocrite.

So with that in mind, I'll start, this will be one question split into a two subtopics...

1) Where is the oppression in the USA in 2020 and that is a direct result of what policy?

“Where the hell are the police we defunded???”
by Highjack at 11:53 18 Sep 2020

Minneapolis city council are worried about a huge spike in crime after defunding and dismantling the police force and replacing them with “violence interrupters” then demand the police chief do something about it pronto.

Local residents concerned about a massive uptick in murders, carjackings, burglaries and other violent crimes are wondering why the police who are in the process of being dismantled aren’t turning up to help.

Political Intolerance on here
by onehunglow at 09:48 18 Sep 2020

is better than previously although we will always have..".bbc part of the establishment" ,feral Tory voters and the like.

Looking around,I see no political party whatsoever with any nous,let alone with any moral compass.

Now ,love one another,however you view the world.

You may be right or could well be wrong.

A blast from the past.
by NotLoyal at 06:24 18 Sep 2020

And a nice bit of history for those not about at the time. It was from this point the United swans were formed (excluded by mal pope in the promo sale film) which, Keith and Phil both headed up resulting in meetings in England and Wales of interested people and groups. Its odd that the board (dineen,Jenkins etc) which were given the opportunity to run the club never recognised or remarked on the real reasons, or one of them at least, how they got control at the vetch. People should know as well Phil sumbler was threatened with arrest by the club for selling his fanzine within the club grounds. Scummy losers, took a while for people to agree though.

MAGS Given The Finger 18th Sep 2000 00:00
MAGS Snubbed 0

Leslie Grantham
by NotLoyal at 04:24 18 Sep 2020

I was having a conversation last night about Leslie Grantham, didn't know he was dead. Did the wkiki thing.
I haven't laughed so much in ages.

In May 2004, a Sunday newspaper printed photographs of Grantham exposing himself and masturbating whilst sucking his finger in a sexually-suggestive manner via a webcam from his dressing room to an undercover reporter named "Amanda."[22] Grantham also allegedly dressed as Captain Hook whilst pleasuring himself,[23
Has society lost its morality?
by Dr_Parnassus at 03:13 18 Sep 2020

I have seen a few things now regarding people celebrating or being glad someone has been murdered or maimed due to their beliefs. 5 years ago these views would be seen as abhorrent, now they tend to be accepted.

This woman was asked about the man who was murdered in Portland for his political beliefs, she remarked “tough luck, don’t be a Trump supporter then”.

Can you imagine a time in 2014 if someone was ambushed and murdered because they supported Obama, then people were dancing and singing in celebration and seemingly normal people having the view that “well he shouldn’t have been an Obama supporter then”.

People celebrating police officers being shot and wishing for their deaths claiming they deserve it (just for sitting in their car). A 31 year old mother of a 6 year old, in hospital with gunshot wounds while people are outside the hospital where she is having emergency surgery to wish for her death - just due to her profession.

This identity politics and dehumanising of people due to their identity and political beliefs has been the groundwork for genocide. It seems perfectly acceptable in this day and age on the left though. Very scary. This is fascism.
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