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If you were the next Manager, what would you wear on the touchline? by Glyn1 at 04:53:05
Recommend the best Swans YouTube videos here
by Glyn1 at 04:26 24 May 2018

Please let me know if this is a ferdy and I'll delete it.

I came across this by accident on YouTube and the editing and the music are terrific. Although I've had a few drinks that isn't why I'm misty eyed after watching this. I know, we all do, that every story needs an ending so that a new one can begin, but ...

If you know any great Swans videos? (wrong word?) on YouTube, please link them here.
Mexico V Wales
by phact0rri at 04:00 24 May 2018

Curious if anyone is planning on attending.
Chris Coleman appointed.
by omarjack at 00:36 24 May 2018

Swansea born and bred manager Chris Coleman has been appointed as the new manager of Swansea City Football Club to replace Carlos Carvalhal following the club's first relegation to the Championship in 7 years.

Swansea's chairman elect Huw Jenkins announced on his twitter account "I'm pleased to have convinced Chris (Coleman) to join us in our bid for Premier League promotion. We have made mistakes. But I,including Mr Kaplan and Mr Levien believe it is the right step to steady the ship and steer it towards the first tier.

Chris Coleman,who managed the Cymru national squad in Euro 2016 and guided them to the quarter finals, said in return "The board wanted experience and sagacity. And I believe I possess both of those qualities"

Coleman,who overtook Sunderland last season in the middle of the campaign that saw them relegate to League One,cited his influence and visible improvement he caused in the squad.

"The relegation was harsh to swallow. But this is football,you take it and move on to the next step. Sometimes it sticks,sometimes it doesn't" He added.

It is reported that Coleman signed on a 3 years contract that will see him pocketing 1.5 million pounds per annum.
Daft things old boys say /used to say
by dickythorpe at 22:26 23 May 2018

My grandfather always insisted on calling the council the "cooperation ".

Plus a local man who sadly has terminal cancer said to me today "once the stitches in my leg are out they are going to cut my leg off"

Plus breaking the silence at a pleasant christening a couple.of years ago, am enraged uncle of mine yelled at my dad, " do you know what winds me up bill? People who dial the fire.brigade for no reason!"
Angel Rangel Names His Ultimate 11
by Neath_Jack at 21:13 23 May 2018

GK - Dorus
LB - Tate
RB - Rangel
CB - Ash
CB - Monk
Mid - LEON
Mid - Ki
Mid - Gylfi
LW - Sinclair
RW - Dyer
Up Top - Michu
People Who Wanted Us To Go Down
by Trundle10 at 21:13 23 May 2018

Genuine question.. do you want us to go back up next season? Or drop another division to prove you are proper fans?
Why all the love for Graham Potter?
by Glyn1 at 20:54 23 May 2018

He's done well in a weak league playing on plastic pitches, and has had some giant killing wins in the Europa League. I'd still prefer a young manager with Championship or L1 experience. Are L1 players better or worse than what he currently has?
Ifollow stream the Championship games..
by TheResurrection at 20:51 23 May 2018

...if your club opts in.

Let's hope we choose to or Jenkins can fack off....!!!
Discord (Paltalk replacement)
by JimmyGilligan at 20:46 23 May 2018

Seeing as there are going to be next to no live streams of the games to watch next season, people are going to be relying on radio commentary, (and i've got nothing better to do at the moment), I've set up a discord server.

Discord is basically a modern day Paltalk, there are multiple rooms on the server i've set up, (3 text only and 3 voice). It lets you post videos, pictures, links, chat etc. on the text channels. If you click on one of the voice channels it should automatically pick up your microphone and let people speak in a group. You won't hear that group unless you've clicked to join it.

Go to and enter an email, any username you want (you can change it later easily), and a password. Once you have that done you can start using discord instantly. I would recommend downloading the app for more features but it isn't necessary to begin, you can just load it in a browser.

When you're signed in with a user name, click on this and press accept invite.
Pot NOWdle ... the way forward 👍
by Swanjaxs at 19:38 23 May 2018

Coming to Swansea soon?
Welsh Labour Government Brilliance on Health
by westwalesed at 18:40 23 May 2018

People in Pembrokeshire have literally been telling them this since 1999.

It's nice of them to recognise these "unique challenges" almost 20 years later :-)
Huge Bee Swarm!!
by westwalesed at 17:30 23 May 2018

Just seen the most amazing sight, a huge swarm of bees in my back garden. Was a bit scary but an amazing sight! Dragged the cats in and shut all the doors and windows!

Now they are collecting into a hive on a tree, will be getting the local beekeepers to collect soon!

First week off work too!

Anyone else seen this amazing natural phenomenon?
Would anyone take Guidolin as technical director?
by Swansea93 at 16:15 23 May 2018

Obviously he couldn't sign players for us when he was here although people suggest Paloschi was his signing he was always linked to us.

Guidolin bought Medhi Benatia, Roberto Pereyra, Andrea Barzagli and turned them into superstars not forgetting he worked with Alexis Sanchez, he could be good in this role for us.
2018 Holijobs - What are you doing?
by JACKMANANDBOY at 15:57 23 May 2018

France Camping - couple of days on DDay beaches, sun and sand at Cote Sauvage, Bordeaux and the vineyards around St.Emillion.

Should be a cracker!
by AguycalledJack at 12:57 23 May 2018

Anybody know if there is planned schedule of games or tour?
Verbal agreement
by Smellyplumz at 12:02 23 May 2018
Unrecognisable new rail & Metro system
by owainglyndwr at 09:17 23 May 2018

For South Wales
Thats another big pot of money being spent in the East then
Jilted John ideas
by jack_lord at 08:55 23 May 2018

To the tune of Jilted john's classic
We know he is a moron
Jenkins is a moron
Jenkins is a moron

any more lyrics?
What questions do you think the Trust should be asking the Yanks?
by MoscowJack at 08:01 23 May 2018

Good morning all,

Before I head down to the beach to build on my sunburn (had to get that in!), I wanted to ask what questions you think the Trust should be asking the Yanks right now? The season's over and the time for change is here but, due to our relegation, there will be more than the usual going through the rotating door this summer.

- We have made our thoughts on Jenkins' continued failure over an extended period of time so how will the owners address this issue before it's too late (again!) to make a change? He hinted at leaving at the end of the season so why isn't this being encouraged and even enforced?

- Do Jenkins' and Pearlman's salaries reflect our position outside of the PL now? Do their salaries decrease significantly post-relegation?

- What is the budget for the season? How much do we need to generate in sales to cover losses or are the owners going to actually (finally!) invest in the club to ensure we've got the best possible management team and playing squad to help get us back up at first attempt?

- If the owners are going to invest to cover potential losses, are the Trust expected to match the investment, which they can't do if they are to fund an expensive court case?

- How many redundancies are the club considering making within the club? As this effects the local economy, isn't it essential that the Trust is consulted?

I'm sure there are many more, but not only am I completely unsure of whether any questions will be asked, the silence from our Trust Rep on the Board means we'll probably have to guess what any answers could be......
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