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EFL Greatest clashes
by owainglyndwr at 11:38 22 Jul 2017

Turds v Jacks 2009 at Onion Parc
Sturgeon Slapped Down
by union_jack at 10:58 22 Jul 2017
Gylfi to Leicester looking more and more likely by the day
by E20Jack at 10:54 22 Jul 2017

Watch this space...
Sigurdsson Llorente Cork
by Borojack at 10:02 22 Jul 2017

If Sigurdsson and Llorente get sold to Everton and Chelsea that could be about 75 million coming in including the Cork sale.
We would then need a striker an attacking midfielder / winger type.
Personally I think we need an upgrade on Naughton as well.
Just hope Sigurdsson and Llorente don't go late and we are left scampering around last minute.
London Hotel / Parking
by Meraki at 09:14 22 Jul 2017

Need to stay in London for 3 nights - Mon-Wed

I'll be driving from Bristol Airport

Is there anywhere I can leave my car for a few days and commute in, staying near Hyde Park?
by Gowerjack at 01:29 22 Jul 2017

Could whoever is behind this please stop.

You are adding nothing to this site.
The question to Trust Members
by longlostjack at 00:35 22 Jul 2017

Surely a better first question to the members would have been:

The offer by the majority shareholders is as follows.
Would you mandate the the Trust to take legal action in pursuit of a better offer?

The Official North Carolina Vs Swansea City Pre-Season Match Thread
by jackharris at 23:48 21 Jul 2017

British Standard Time Kick Off at 12.30 Sunday 23rd July

southampton Tickets
by builthjack at 22:35 21 Jul 2017

New batch available. £20.
The first 2400 were snapped up.
Everton Fans
by Al_Bundy at 21:37 21 Jul 2017

Fair play to them .. they are getting more bitter and twisted by the day over this Siggy saga.

On their forum we are crap, relegation fodder, small fry, welsh , shit ground and our whole club is worth only £60M

Feck me they haven't had a pot to piss in for years and won nothing now they think they are a big top 5 side in the prem now they have some cash..

Italian Serie A fixtures - Help
by Taliesin at 20:24 21 Jul 2017

Going to Italy at the back end of August and I want to take in a match while I'm there (Roma ideally) but I cannot find the fixture list anywhere.

Can anybody point me in the right direction?
Van Dijk
by raynor94 at 19:30 21 Jul 2017

Doing a Gylfi, told Saints he wants to train on his own, his head is in the wrong place. A contract means zilch these days
What gets your back up when driving?
by BrynCartwright at 19:14 21 Jul 2017

Ok we all know about tools that don't indicate but, for me, my no.1 bugbear is...

men (and it's usually a bloke I find) that do not thank you for waiting and allowing them to pass in narrow streets in the other direction.

Happened to me a couple of times today in the Bont.

Just rude.

Usually ends up with a middle finger and a curse word.
Swansea slap £30 million price tag on Llorente as Chelsea speculation mounts...
by E20Jack at 18:48 21 Jul 2017

Looks like our valuation is stopping the deal.

Surely that is essentially a "not for sale" statement rather thana genuine valuation, as nobody is going to pay £30 million for Llorente.
Prediction Logged by by swanalona at 17:25:57
Southampton v Swansea City prediction logged
Severn Bridge Tolls
by Swans777 at 16:36 21 Jul 2017

To be scrapped altogether by the end of 2018.
Great news for South Wales.
Consultation Papers - Cost of Legal Action
by Vetchfielder at 16:13 21 Jul 2017

I’ve reviewed the Consultation Papers that arrived today and they are well presented and clear. Personally I could have added a couple more lines to the Pro’s section for legal action but it is specifically it is the aspect of legal fees in the Consultation Papers has left me with major gripes.

The first thing is that we don’t seem to have got a quotation or even an estimate of the legal costs of going ahead with legal action. If we did get a quotation or estimate then it has not been included in the documentation. Has the Trust Board asked for an estimate, was one provided and what are the details ?

What about a "No-Win / No-Fee" type of legal engagement– mentioned by Dai Little in the first Trust meeting yet I can see no mention of this in the documentation?

Regarding the magnitude of legal costs, the words we are given are:

(a) In the Options Matrix, Impact on Trust Funds section: “Likely substantial reduction, possibly wiped out completely, or worse”.
(b) In the Cons section of Option 2: “Legal action is costly and unpredictable. There is a real chance the Trust could lose, in which case the existing funds of over £800,000 could be wiped out or even lead to the Trust being in debt. If legal costs were to exceed the current Trust funds, which is a likely scenario, it is unclear at this time how the Trust would be able to fund these costs – which may impact the Trust’s ability to proceed beyond that point”.

Regarding (a), no detail is provided as to exactly what “worse” means in practical terms and how we would deal with it.
Also, there is a big contradiction between funds “possibly” wiped out in (a) and a “likely” scenario of debt in (b) which means it’s probable. So I don’t know whether the Trust Board thinks it’s just possible or that it's probable and exactly on what that judgement is based.

For me, the really disappointing words here in (b) are “it is unclear at this time how the Trust would be able to fund these costs”. The Trust Board has known about the potential for legal action for many many months so has had more than ample time to take advice, have a clear view, have a plan and identify a proposed approach if the funds aren’t sufficient for legal action.

On the basis of these Papers, I feel that not enough effort has gone into establishing what litigation really means in £ terms of legal costs and how the Trust could/would fund it, possibly because we have been distracted by what the Trust Board consider an acceptable offer.
Wonder what Mesa was saying....
by golly47 at 14:27 21 Jul 2017

Love seeing a bit of passion from players.

Garden Bugs
by max936 at 14:12 21 Jul 2017

be careful out there those that potter about in the garden, I was carrying out some work on Tuesday evening and semin nasty bit me on my lower leg, what caused it to swell up and caused me no end of pain and irritation every foot forward has been painful, I am now on antibiotics I started them yday and leg is at last getting better.

There's some nasty bugs about that can and do hospitalise folk apparently.
Things that stopped at Cardiff and never reached Swansea
by Landore_Jack at 13:36 21 Jul 2017

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