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That gay footballer
by bluey_the_blue at 18:56 23 Jul 2019

Out tomorrow, revealed the date days ago.

To the surprise of precisely no-one, now not coming out - "not strong enough".

Looking more and more like a hoax.
Anybody else miss the Evening Post website
by Jacket at 15:35 23 Jul 2019

I know it wasn't the best, but it was some coverage online unlike what we have know. With it being incorporated into the Wales Online website it seems in terms of the Swans we don't get any coverage on transfer speculation and the like. While WO are working themselves into a fever over Cardiff despite only three uninspiring signings being made and some key players leaving, the coverage we get is wholeheartedly negative and uninformed really. It's written by journalists sitting infront of computers in Cardiff re-hashing twitter gossip without a real feel for the club or its supporters, or any inside knowledge regarding comings and goings. The jurnos they have covering the Swans aren't from the area, hardly ever come to the area, how on earth are they supposed to build up contacts when they only rarely see people from here.

I know I could still buy the paper, but nowadays we're used to updates on our phones and stuff, so there's nothing to fill the gap left by 5he EP website, which I miss despite it's obvious failings.
It's Boris
by blackpooljack at 12:10 23 Jul 2019

Planet Swans Desert Island Discs
by Ebo at 10:13 23 Jul 2019

Bit of fun.

*Sleepy Lagoon composed by Eric Coates fades out*

What 10 albums or singles would you hope to be stuck with until you got rescued?

In no order of preference:

Grand Prix - Teenage Fanclub
Ege Bamyasi - Can
#1 Record - Big Star
Figure 8 - Elliott Smith
Peng! Stereolab
After the goldrush - Neil Young
Sumday - Grandaddy
Illinois - Sufjan Stevens
Physical Graffiti - Led Zeppelin
Finger Style Guitar - Chet Atkins

I could go on but this is what I salvaged from the shipwreck.

Your go....
The Official Bristol Rovers vs Swansea City Match Thread
by jackharris at 10:04 23 Jul 2019

Pay on the day available for home and away supporters

Swansea City supporters are advised that they can pay on the
day for Tuesday’s pre-season friendly at Bristol Rovers (7.45pm).

Advance tickets are no longer available, but fans can purchase
tickets at The Memorial Stadium on matchday. Seated tickets for
adults are priced at £15, while under-16 tickets cost £7. Terrace
tickets are £10 for adults and £5 for under-16s.

The Memorial Stadium has recently seen a new temporary
seating structure placed on the corner of the Poplar
Insulation East Terrace. The new addition
is named the Bristol Energy Family Stand (See Below).
Terry from Aberdare
by Darran at 20:41 22 Jul 2019

I think he’s in a spot of bother.
by Darran at 18:36 22 Jul 2019

It’s such a shame he was hounded off this Forum by bullying and rarely posts anymore.
by BenJ94 at 14:13 22 Jul 2019

Drawn against FC Copenhagen in the Europa league. Fantastic draw for them.
by raynor94 at 11:57 22 Jul 2019

On his way to China, great for his bank balance, but not his career. What a waste
Another idiot...
by Thrasher6 at 11:36 22 Jul 2019
So he's walking on Pen Yr Fan and he hasn't got his dog on a lead. It beggars belief how stupid people can be...ffs
West Wales Raiders
by Thrasher6 at 09:31 22 Jul 2019

Won their first match after 51 attempts. Really pleased for them and the rugby league fraternity are lauding their resilience etc. Nothing as yet from WalesOnLine...far too west you see...
FAO Swan65split
by STID2017 at 22:55 21 Jul 2019

Nice to meet you and your good lady at the weekend.
Looking forwsrf to seeing you in the coming months
Bristol Rovers
by wsmJACK at 20:53 21 Jul 2019

is it pay on the day?
Next Saturday v Atalanta
by blackpooljack at 20:21 21 Jul 2019

This is going to be a real test, they've only lost once in their last 15 games and scored a hatfull in preseason.
Amazon prime Video
by Jack123 at 20:18 21 Jul 2019

Anyone any experience on this? I think fro tomorrow it's going to be available as an app on virgin, just wondering how many users are allowed, looked at amazon website, I'm finding it quite hard to pin down.
Boris ‘orders taxpayer-funded bed’ after saying he ‘doesn’t have any stu
by theloneranger at 18:56 21 Jul 2019
by waynekerr55 at 18:16 21 Jul 2019

Work for the DNO or do high voltage connections?

I've got the Power Network coming around tomorrow to look at my cut out. My guess is that the poor sod who owned my house was diddled as they appear to have run the meter tails through 'newer' fuses into the old cast iron cut out (through a fùcking wall) as a means of not needing to dig up and joint the cable

My question I will ask them (but obviously want someone who does this work to see if I'm barking up the wrong tree) would be if it would be possible to run new cable through the existing entry point (this is already accessible as the builders dug up the path for me) and then joint to the old cable.

The old cable enters the building and joins the cut out vertically so I assume it's not possible to bend the current cable given its age. I'd like to have the fuse in the top left corner against the wall.

Words fail me!
by dickythorpe at 13:57 21 Jul 2019

At least mum is going to be ok and puppies back
Quite funny this...
by centrestandswan at 13:40 21 Jul 2019

9.02 mins is very funny.
Athletics on BBC1
by dickythorpe at 13:28 21 Jul 2019

Great to see it on live. Did anyone ses Shelly Ann Fraser Price yesterday?
Her speed is something else!!! She ran the last leg of 100m relay and was 10 metres behind the British girl and still popped her in the line!!
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