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Talk of Chelsea wanting to buy another club..
at 06:54 9 Mar 2020

.. to help progress and protect its youth system, it was reported in o e of the papers that they are looking at a championship club or a Scottish club so they can farm out talent .

What would posters think if an approach was made to purchase the Swans ? Being as there has been a few young Chelsea players sent here of late and the fact we have a Cat 1 system in place, would it be acceptable for a club like ours to be a feeder club ? We are already selling off talent anyway.

My own view is that unless somebody with hard cash could come in and progress the club we will be in a tough position for the next few years at least and this may be a good solution for us.
Anyway Roman may love the Gower and decide to make it his home !

Thoughts? Sorry I cant find the link
at 21:15 13 Mar 2019

What an absolute coward of a goalkeeper.

Weak as a kitten and no guts or heart .
Thankfully will be gone in the summer.

Pathetic first half.
at 16:48 17 Feb 2019

Shameful, disinterested lacking in ideas and no bottle from our players, look like they don't want to be there.

Dan James, what a headless chicken he's been. Conor Roberts just keeps going backwards since signing a new deal.

This is real L1 stuff , Brentford look like us 8/9 yrs ago, we just look like a team empty of skill and ideas.

Totally outplayed by a decent Brentford team, not even a year on from us being a premier league team we've turned into a joke.

Sort it out 2 nd half boys please ! Terrible 1 st half, only Grimes looks like he's trying .
at 15:52 9 Feb 2019

..a player who shoots when anything anything drops out ! Well done George, playing well and it goes to show that you won't win the lottery unless you buy a ticket !

We have played well 1st half, and a goal was well deserved, keep up the effort 2 nd half now boys and don't start acting all berty big balls please
The master plan..
at 20:32 31 Jan 2019

..of course most sensible fans knew full well once relegation happened gutting of the team was next on the agenda, just how much of the team were sold was to depend on just how incompetent and reckless our owners and former owners are/we're.

Some utter fools of course believed in a master plan, that it was the club's grand design to build with youth and promote from within, trim the big wage earners and push on with a crop of young players instead, yet even this mental thinking has now fallen foul of the yanks and they have moved on an exciting prospect who will now never really wish to return to swansea ever again !

I've been saying from day 1 of the sell outs handing over to yank hedge funders it would fook us up, no surprise to myself and in fairness to most other grounded fans of this cloud, we knew this would happen we knew it would get worse in January and we know it will get worse next summer !
I did say that if we sold nobody and bought nobody it would be a great window, wishful thinking of course!

Next on the list to leave?


And of course some of our young players like Rodon,Roberts and Ollie mc will be prime for bids.

Fantastic job Huw and Co. Well done, how you are allowed to roam the streets of swansea untouched says a lot about the class of the supporters you've fooked over, it will not last though, of that I'm sure.

Welcome to what some box office posters have called the master plan folks, the plan which has no direction no future no great manager(of course potter will be looking to jump) no exciting youth to grow into future club greats, this really is the next level.

What a car crash of a club we've become and how predictable it's all been, huw and Co. Should be utterly ashamed, they won't be of course and that just shows the contempt they have and have had for us supporters of this fantastic club for years.

Utter coonts, them and the idiots who keep standing up for them on this message board talking nonsense about master plans etc.

[Post edited 31 Jan 2019 20:34]
at 15:53 24 Nov 2018

..made that mistake because he feels he needed to prove to potter he can pass like nordfelt, creating doubt in his own ability.

Poor man management from potter, resulting in a keeper who starts to do unnatural things with tragic results.

I actually think we can still get something from this game.

C'mon the Swans !
Sloppy goals and can't score.
at 17:05 20 Oct 2018

Seems to be us at the moment. We are playing some truly wonderful football but I can't help but think we are being hindered by constant changes game after game.

Nordfeld made some good saves, shot stoppi g is his thing, I'd have been playing Mulder myself.
As the playing McKay and not Dan James that was hard to take.

We are frustrating at the moment, still very much a work In progress, but conceding sloppy goals when you struggle.to score is going to ebb away st our fragile confidence to play our football, it's a hard puzzle to solve.
First thing, we should never have started the season with only 1 fit striker, 2nd thing, potter needs to try and not fiddle so much with the team and let certain combinations develop .

We all know it's a long season and it's great to keep players fresh but they also get rusty if they arn't match sharp.

Just my th9ughts on today, frustrating as fook to watch but some lovely football which masks the difficiancies of the team.
Everything we hoped it would be.
at 21:00 4 Aug 2018

Well don3 to those young lads today, they were bold and tried to play potters way and they did amazing .

So happy to see that performance, at 80 minutes if have settled for the performance over the result but it was simply superb !!

Well done potter and player s
Tutu..coming to Swansea for press conference.
at 13:39 10 May 2018

"I have so many things to tell I'm going to leave for the press conference I'm going to do in Swansea very soon in my name and in the name of ML .. We owe it to the people so they know the truth !! "

"To make clear 2013 I had a very strong fight with Huw Jenkins almost reached hands but then I started to analyze Huw and I think he's a good person..For a long time I talk to him frequently "

So what the fook is actually going on here then ? seems there has been dialogue between Huw and Tutu but whats the end game here ?

Thoughts ?
[Post edited 10 May 2018 13:43]
Jack Rodwell
at 17:50 30 Apr 2018

Will be earning 73k a week in League 1 because Sunderland didn't insert any relegation clause into his contract .

I hope to fook Huw didn't sign the likes of Wilf and Ayew without a clause, it's not beyond the realms of possibility we moved away from this practice in desperation to sign players.

Sunderlands owner cleared the £140 m debt just to get rid of the club, overall an admirable thing to do, couldn't see our lot being so gracious myself.
Bony .
at 17:21 3 Feb 2018

Love Wilf, all for him coming home, but what the fook happened to him ? he came on today looking like he just completed 90 mins ! 30 secs in he's hobbling round and i'm thinking that if he calls to come off then that's it for me RE Wilf .

How can he be so far short of fitness? he looks about 50 yr old in the way he moves, and we were almost playing with 10 the moment he came on, i believe he has something to offer and i know he always needs a run of games but fook me he just looks like a disaster signing at the moment . Amazing performance from the team today, really proud of the effort but bringing Bony on made a tough job harder for me .

Thoughts on Wilf ?
[Post edited 3 Feb 2018 17:22]
Ollie on loan to Barnsley ?
at 20:47 31 Jan 2018

Is it true he earns 20 k a week at the Swans?

It says that Barnsley are prepared to meet his wage demands of 20 k a week ! i hope that's Huw loading the wage to make money otherwise think i'd be wanting a bit more for 20 k a week !
Leroy Fer.
at 14:33 31 Jan 2018

A real enigma, was absolutely first class the few games and has all the skills to excel at this level, he slid a few cracking balls through in the first half and seems to be able to almost anything with a football and also put his body on the line to win the ball in the tackle but fook me he is so inconsistant too !

Do you think Carlos has the experience to harness the enigma that is Fer ? he must be an absolute nightmare for coaches who probably see him on the training field and then see him on the pitch .

Hopefully and the early signs are there, that Carlos can improve players like Fer,Ayew,Clucas , Ki and VDH . It's like seeing 4 new players out there but it's also frustrating knowing that these boys have ability but lack consistancy.

We all know if they could match consistancy to talent they probably wouldn't be at the Swans but the margin is so fine, can Carlos coach the extra percentage needed to survive ?

Ayew signing imminent ?
at 18:03 28 Jan 2018

Amazing how Carlos seems to have a similar taste in players to our DOF . Could just be rumour of course but there are rumblings that the Ayew deal is close to completion .

If he signed where does Carlos play him ? I'd also like to know how he fits Bony,Ayew,Tammy and Sanches into the team or who gets left out .

IMO if we signed Ayew it wouldn't be so bad as long as it's a loan deal.
Thoughts ?

Clucas and Carol
at 16:58 13 Jan 2018

2 of the worst footballers to play for us in a long while. Tom is absolutely weak in the mind and body and Clucas is just a very poor lower league footballer that while may try is just so far short of Prem level it's an utter joke we paid £17m for him .

The game ? well, we are at least fighting but are probably down after not winning today, i thought Jordan Ayew was one of our best and has been last few games, he has at least made up for his woeful showing against Liverpool.

VDH, special mention, stuck to his task, struggled but just about did enough, produced a great cross for the goal and has probably shown in 2 games that he's one of the best crossers at the club! and in a nut shell that proves why we are going down, poor quality all over the field and no chance of replacing dross like Clucas and Carol who will be bleeding us dry in L1 in a few years time .
Captain Bony..
at 17:10 9 Dec 2017

..for the rest of the season IMO . Has been the leader of men we've been missing, was immense again today , get a couple of signings of quality around him and we could have a great chance of getting out of trouble .

Wilf and the rest of the team played for the shirt and the manager today, it should have been a 2-0 win but for Tammy being selfish, top players don't fook about like that when they have a player alongside on an open goal, dissapointing for me, the right options will be critical this seaosn not personal glory .

Tammy however played his part when coming on so hope he learns from it .
Bony looks well into this battle, he is fighting for the fans and the club so well done him, he leads others will follow.

Chuffed to bits with 3 pts !!
at 16:24 3 Nov 2017

..the Newcastle fullback, Benitez has basically told him to fook off , Huw loves an average ginger player, been linked with him before, whats the odds on him being signed by us in january for £5m quid ?

[Post edited 3 Nov 2017 16:25]
This has nothing to do with..
at 17:20 21 Oct 2017

..the manager or the players, lets just be honest and admit the current shambles is firmly placed at the door of Huw Jenkins,the sellouts the scouting dept. the director of football(yes,jenkins again) and our overall planning and recruitment in every dept.

We can't blame the manager, he can only pi$$ with the c0ck that he's got, take out the set piece of Gylfi and it shows hoe a long term cull of quality and talent has royally fooked the club and fans .

We are now finally like Wigan,Sunderland,Villa and those other identkit premier league teams that just pin everything on trying to survive while trying everything to cut a corner and save a pound.

Why the fook Jenkins and Co. get to freely walk the streets of Swansea while we watch the club struggle to put out a premier league quality team defies logic.

Don't blame the players, it's far too easy, it's not their fault they are what they are, Carol cost £5m and looks over priced at that figure but it isn't his fault, ditto clement.

Lets for once turn our attention to absolutley horrific management of our club by the likes of Jenkins and Co. not whatever hen pecked coach he puts in place to take the fall for him .
The sad thing is that it was almost impossible to fook this up from what was built by Martinez,Sousa,Rodgers and Laudrup but Jenkins managed to completely do that with plenty to spare as he sold us all out.

The players never gave up today so for me there is no point in slagging them for trying , thats all we ask at the end of the day .

Clement cost us today.
at 16:54 23 Sep 2017

Apart from yet again woeful defending that has become the liability Alfie mawson clement can take all the blame for that shambles .

Starting at home so negative is a disgrace against the likes of Watford and Newcastle, he needs to sort himself out sharpish .

The likes of mesa wouldn't play that pass if they actually had some fookin games to adapt ! Yet another fail of Clement. He's a smart coach but he needs to start getting things right not getting it wrong most weeks.

Worst 45 mins I've seen since erm...newcastle ! Changes it when it's too late. The line up was wro g most fans knew it and so did Watford.

Long hard season ahead then.
at 17:57 10 Sep 2017

A win would have given us real progress and hope a ,defeat and the manner of it means it's going to be very tough for flement and the team.

That was a l9ad of bollocks served up today against a team that is at best equal to the swans, in actual fact they looked like they've been premier league for 7 yrs and we look like a disjointed championship club freshly promoted.

Early days but I'm not liking what I've seen in the last 4 games truth be told
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