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Goodbye my friends 15:58 - May 17 with 21223 viewsLord_Bony

I will be gone over the next day or two. As you know ,the cancer has now got the best of me on my liver. I have enjoyed moderating and chatting to you guys so much over the past few years.

God bless you all and thank you

Goodnight, Lord Bony


Goodbye my friends on 17:49 - May 17 with 2690 viewsthornabyswan

Goodbye my friends on 17:38 - May 17 by Joe_bradshaw

The Planet Swans community will never forget you, LB.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Goodnight YJB

My thoughts are with you and your family so so sorry.

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Goodbye my friends on 17:52 - May 17 with 2682 viewsbuilthjack

Totally shocked and lost for words. If there is life on the other side you have a good one. Life can be shit. Peace my friend.

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Goodbye my friends on 17:53 - May 17 with 2678 viewsjohnlangy

I'm so sorry. I just can't think of anything else to say. I feel I know you after following so many threads you took part in.

God bless.


Goodbye my friends on 17:55 - May 17 with 2660 viewsBest_loser

It's just a ride

Bill hicks

Goodbye my friends on 18:01 - May 17 with 2630 viewsSwanzay

Respect, YJB!

Goodbye my friends on 18:07 - May 17 with 2613 viewsjack2jack

I too am lost for words.
God bless you M'lud. YJB.

Goodbye my friends on 18:09 - May 17 with 2602 viewsbennytheblue

Sorry to hear that Bony, exactly the same thing got my old man he defied the odds and lived 6 months longer than they said he would.....

Goodbye my friends on 18:10 - May 17 with 2614 viewsCaptain_Sham


Its just a ride.

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Goodbye my friends on 18:33 - May 17 with 2531 viewsPhil_S

Thank you Paul for everything you have done for this site, this is heartbreaking to read 😢

You are in my thoughts

Goodbye my friends on 18:36 - May 17 with 2515 viewsDJack

Stunned and so sorry.

Both your signature and your poll are apt.

Farewell my internet friend, rejoin the stardust.

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. - Carl Sagan


Goodbye my friends on 18:36 - May 17 with 2512 viewsProfessor

You have my admiration for posting this. I wish you and your family my very best wishes and whatever time you have left is peaceful and without pain. Thank you friend I have never met.

Goodbye my friends on 18:47 - May 17 with 2452 viewspencoedjack

Terrible news, as others have said it’s like losing a mate.

Thanks for the pm’s shared.

God bless x
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Goodbye my friends on 18:52 - May 17 with 2432 viewslegoman

So sorry to hear this news LB. I wish you peace as you move on. This disease is so dreadful. I lost my bother too soon to it. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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Goodbye my friends on 19:00 - May 17 with 2408 viewsCountyJim

So sorry 😞 your in my prayers

Goodbye my friends on 19:01 - May 17 with 2390 viewsItchySphincter

Planet Swans and the world as a whole will be a poorer place soon.

Godspeed Bonehead.

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Goodbye my friends on 19:04 - May 17 with 2388 viewsBrynCartwright

Goodnight LB! Thanks for everything you complete gent! We will all miss you.

Feeling for you and your family this dark day.

I'm in bits.
[Post edited 17 May 19:16]

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Goodbye my friends on 19:07 - May 17 with 2372 viewsNeathJack

Words fail.

God speed YJB.

Goodbye my friends on 19:09 - May 17 with 2362 viewsfbreath

Sorry to hear your sad news. It seems you have dealt with it all admirably and bravely by the things you have shared.

I hope you are not in any pain and your family know how much you are respected on here. Even if it is people you don’t know in person apart from a few.

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Goodbye my friends on 19:33 - May 17 with 2293 viewsswan65split

God bless you.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


Goodbye my friends on 19:48 - May 17 with 2238 viewsCatullus

If there was anyone off here I'd liked to have met it was you, goodbye Lord Bony, you will be gone but you won't be forgotten.

Just my opinion, but WTF do I know anyway?
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Goodbye my friends on 20:05 - May 17 with 2201 viewsWxmJax

I'm lost for words but along with others thank you for helping make this board a better place. I hope you and your family know how well liked and respected you are on here.

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Goodbye my friends on 20:15 - May 17 with 2159 viewssainthelens

FFS, this world is so unfair. Genuinely choked to hear and reading all that's been said .
Never knew/met you....but loved reading your many contributions.
Massive respect to you and yer family.
God speed buddy .

Goodbye my friends on 20:15 - May 17 with 2165 viewsmonmouth

So sad. Nothing to say really. Love to you and family Paul.

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Goodbye my friends on 20:26 - May 17 with 2122 viewsFlashberryjack

Like so many on here I'm absolutely lost for words, I haven't been on here much as I've been busy doing a project to raise money for the macmillan nurses.

And when I do log on here, the first thing I see is this devastating news, my thoughts and prayers go with you my friend, god bless and keep you.



Goodbye my friends on 20:41 - May 17 with 2087 viewstheloneranger

I can't really say it any better than has already been said Paul, other than I really enjoyed our "chat" when you were first diagnosed with this b@stard disease.

You've faced it head on, and stayed positive and strong.

Goodnight Paul and Fly High YJB.
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